Safety Tips For Female Solo Travelers

Embarking on a journey alone as a female call for certain cautions and safety tips. It has been affirmed worldwide that to prevent an ugly event from happening is far more preferable than looking for a solution after it has happened. Even in countries and cities generally tagged to be calm and welcoming, there are still some precautions that must be adhered to in order to forestall any danger. Without much ado, let us consider some of those safety tips.


  1. Before leaving your home country, make sure you have done sufficient research on your proposed destination. It is not always the best going to a place you know little or nothing about. In fact, when you know much about the country, you need to itemize on the pages of a book where you are going to spend your time and the full address of those places This is a very significant thing. Also, you should share complete details with a friend or a relative, who exactly know what is happening. This is a very important thing just in case you are in some kind of trouble.
  2. When you set out each day to where you have planned to visit, do not take out with you things you really don’t need. Do not take out too much money because such sum can get lost and put you in panic. You may even give locals the impression that you are a very rich lady and as such, may be kidnapped or robbed. You should try and avoid such a situation or you may land up in serious trouble and may get unwanted attention at all. This is a very important thing.
  3. While you should maintain a positive attitude towards everyone, do not trust strangers too quickly. Some may actually have ulterior motives behind their being friendly and as soon as they make you feel comfortable, you may be robbed of your valuables. The advisable thing is to keep everyone at arm’s length until you can verify to a certain degree what their character feels like.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the way things are done in your chosen destination and try to blend as much as you can to avoid appearing as a greenhorn. For instance, your dressing must not be far from what is obtainable in your chosen area or else, you may be duped or robbed since some locals know you don’t understand the terrain.
  5. Take along as it were, extra oil. Forecast a situation where your purse is lost and all your cash missing. Picture a situation where you just can’t find some or all of your very important documents. What would you do in such situation? You can decide to plan for these worst scenarios by keeping an ATM Card somewhere and making as many photocopies as possible for the latter. This is a very important thing and you should follow these things to have a safe journey.

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