How To Start A Travel Blog

Blogging, which is basically the sharing of information on a word wide web-hosted website has become the in thing in most countries and places in the world today. People search for various kinds of information online and the articles and news (as the case may be) that bloggers disseminate on their blogs eventually becomes the means by which this desire is met.

One of the very important niches of blogging is a travel blog. It deals with supplying information of places, experiences and real stories if the blogger had been there personally before. The essence of doing this is to inform potential travelers of the pros and cons of their intended places of the journey and to ensure maximum optimization of their time and resources on such journeys.

For anyone that really wants to start a meaningful and perhaps, lucrative travel blog website, certain things and steps have to be in place some of which are listed.

1. The Choice of Name

A good travel blog must carry a correspondingly good domain name. The name should focus on the type of travel information you wish to keep disseminating or the traveling experience you wish to have. An example of such domain name can go like this: This domain name makes it clear that you intend to keep sharing information on how to maximize a three week Europe visitation. It could also mean that you would be sharing your personal experience of a three weeks journey you have had traveling to European countries. Keep It (your proposed domain name) Short and Simple, KISS!

2. Determine How Your Blog would be Hosted

Hosting is a term used for the platform on which your expression would be aired. Just like everyone needs a house to stay, your information and files which you want to feed the world with must be housed. That is what is called hosting. You can choose from the array of hosts offering such service howbeit, you would have to pay some amounts as your rental fee every year. Some of these hosts include Bluehost and WP engine. Generally speaking, because of the relatively cheap price, the Bluehost is highly recommended for beginners.

3. Install WordPress Software on Your Computer

If you want to self-host your blog on WordPress such that instead of your domain name ending in or, you can simply get something like this: your domain name. com, You can get this done on WordPress with your activated Bluehost account. Simply open the installation link on your blue host account and do so. If it asks where you would like to install it, simply enter your domain name. Once this is done, you will be able to log in to WordPress with your created username and password.

4. Get to Know How to Use WordPress

Since you will have to upload information on your WordPress constantly, it is paramount that you learn how things are done. In all honesty, you really do not need to hire anyone to teach you this. Just go online and search for material on WordPress usage and you will have abundant information to guide you through

5. Use a Professional Blog Theme

Although WordPress blog comes with plenty of themes for your use, they may not be what you need to get public attention which would eventually yield money. You may have to subscribe to the premium version which is around 25 to 80 USD. Professional themes sort of add flavor to your blog.

6. Get Some Useful Plugins such as Wptouch, WP optimizer, Yoast SEO, Akismet and the rest

Set up your page by writing a brief but captivating “about yourself page”. This where you sell yourself and your blog. Here is where you start making people realize what you stand for. Once, you have done this, you are good to go on your travel blogging. You may, however, need to update yourself by taking some courses in the niche.

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