DJI Spark Drone – Review

DJI Spark Droneis the latest innovation from DJI, a small-sized compact drone that can be a handy stuff with a lot of features and functionality in a tiny little size. It can be a perfect drone for the beginners.


Price, performance, usability, and portability are the four features that you need to consider before buying a new drone. We will intersect each feature for this new spark drone and let you know what are the pros and cons of this new launch by DJI.

Price: With the price of just $499 this is the cheapest drone DJI has ever launched. With this rate, there are very few drones of this capability in the market. This will be a perfect buy for the new users who are looking for a limited budget drone to start their photography. This is also a perfect fit for travelers who are planning to go for a vacation and looking forward to some photography while they travel.

Usability: This spark drone does not require a remote control or any mobile application to handle it and can be easily handled with the hand gestures. You can simply launch the drone from your hand and can control its movement with the hand gestures. The control with a simple hand gesture is possible because of the computer vision built in the drone makes it possible to see you and your response or command once you let it go from your hand. You can simply control the drone by movement of your hands. This is a magical control for a drone and it works really well. But since you do not use a remote control and sometimes there might come an instance where you give a command and suddenly your drone starts flying away. This is not a good sign especially if you are a beginner. This drone can be controlled using mobile app as well. Your mobile can have an app with the little thumbstick on mobile you can fly your drone but it is not ideal. Your hand gesture control is a better option for this drone. The drone also allows computer vision for tracking subjects. You can draw a little box around yourself then this drone will follow you and dodge any obstacles on the way.

Portability: Spark drone from the DJI is the winner in this category as is about the size of a smartphone and weighs very little even with an extra battery. The spark has a visual position on it that enables to hold its ground when it very near even without GPS signal. With the rotor guard that can snap on makes it safe for the fingers if you accidentally bump into it. It is light enough to take enough height but can also be used inside your home during your family gathering. Portability is something spark drone from DJI will make you just go for it.

Performance: It is a small drone making space for a small battery. It lasts for about 16 minutes with the full charge and it may lower down to 10-12 minutes if there is some extreme flying condition. It can be charged with micro USB that you use for smartphones and tablets. Due to its small size, it might struggle against a strong wind. You can use some cool features from the drone app to make your video awesome but since you can connect with Wi-Fi only there will be limited options to use this feature. The spark drone takes 12mp still and ADP video. This quality is ok for beginners with upload in Instagram but this is definitely not a professional grid. But with that cheap price what they have offered you is a perfect blend of size and performance.

There are other rival brands who offer this similar services but they cost much high than the spark. For beginners, there cannot be a better option than this with cheap price and so many features combined in the drone. However, if you are a professional photo and video maker than this drone might not be something you are looking for. Below we will summarize some pros and cons of spark drone from DJI.
Small and compact size
Best buy in this pricing range
Autonomous flight with 2 sonar sensors
Has vision positioning sensor on the bottom of the drone that does not require GPS to work
Avoids collision with anti-collision sensor
Durable plastic
Available in many color options
Intelligent flight modes
A little short battery life
Doesn’t shoot 4K videos, rivals have this feature in its competitor range
Drone arms are not foldable.

Remote Controller for DJI Spark Drone

Spark Remote Control

Although the spark drone can be controlled easily and effectively with the hand you can use a remote control device to operate this drone as well. Usually, you will not get the controller with the cheap package for the drone and you need to pay extra for the controller. The fun of using a controller is something you may want to experience. The controller comes with Wi-Fi signal transmission system that enables the control of your aircraft up to the range of 2 KM. This controller can connect to a mobile device as well and display live video feed with the help of DJI GO 4. The life of remote controller battery is around 2.5 Hrs. The controller can reach out to its maximum range only in wide open areas with no electromagnetic interference.

Final Verdict
This drone is one of the toughest drones you will come across. Designed in the much-sophisticated way this drone has very little chance of damaging itself even if it crashes. It might not be the smallest drone of this range with other competitors having much small and compact drone with similar price range. But please note that with all the techs and specifications it carries this drone is much better in many aspects than its competitors.
You would prefer this drone if you are set to travel with aim of having some spectacular photo and video shoot during your travel. You can charge this drone with Wi-Fi charger and that makes it easy to charge it and with the box that perfectly fits it to carry your journey will be hassle-free. You can use its sensors to protect it from the collision and from hitting the ground while you shoot your photo and video. You have the right opportunity to jump into the drone world with very cheap rate offered. You can use the opportunity to practice all the techniques of flying drone and capturing some breathtaking photos with it. It makes you easy to take pictures from different topology with an easy fly around and with more than 16 minutes of fly time the spark drone can go to some little journey of the photo shoot. The small size makes it a perfect gig for travelers.

There you have it! If this article convinces you to have one, get it now!

Or simply browse for more DJI products.

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