Benefits of Traveling Alone

There is no doubt you must have wondered if there could ever be any benefits attached to going on a vacation or business trip alone. Sure, the thought of being alone can be frightening and as such, many of us avoid it like plague. In fact, a club’s motto reads “You’ll never walk alone”. We love to be accompanied to places especially by people that matter to us. It is true that two is better than one but do you know there are innumerable benefits in a solo travel? Well, by the time you digest the benefits here listed, you may want to get to that next destination of yours all by yourself. Here we go!

  1. Cost

This, on face value, may not matter much especially if you are a well-to-do person. In fact, if the journey is just some few kilometers to your city, the cost of bringing a person or two along with you may be relatively insignificant. However, consider a situation in which you are to travel out of your continent, you will surely have to multiply your budget by two and this could in a way, drain your purse. If you are the type that likes to save cost, especially when it is not detrimental, you may want to opt for a solo journey.

  1. A Time For Self-Discovery

Sometimes when we have people around us giving us insights and ideas on what to do and which decision to take, we rarely put all our intellectual assets into use. We rarely get to see ourselves the way we are outside of others. Take, for instance, if you get to a crossroad where you don’t know which way to follow, your partner may whisper something to your ears or put forward a suggestion and you just inadvertently follow.

Where such decision gets to be right, he or she has made use of his or her gut while you have suppressed yours. But if you are alone, you get to learn how to listen to your inner self and make the right decision. You become independent and capable of taking an unaided decision. Several things you have thought you couldn’t do before, you may just discover that you can. Traveling alone gives you such opportunity for self-discovery.

  1. Your Chances of Making Friends Easily Increases

If you are two or more on your journey, you probably will have to spend most, if not all of your time focusing and pleasing them without spending much time with residents of places of your visit. Imagine if you are a wife traveling with your hubby, while that may be commendable, considerable time of your journey would be devoted to pleasing your spouse.

Me and my new friend Loraine Balbona whom I met in Dubai.

However, being alone would mean you have no one else to share your attention with than the natives. This would push you to make friends with people who are not from your country or ethnic or racial background. There are advantages attached to such friendships and your stay would even be far pleasurable with it. You will get the best of your visits and there is no limit to the height you can go with such friends.

  1. It Will Improve Your Confidence

Confidence is built in the face of trials. And to be honest, a solo journey can be a sort of trial. If overcome, you gain more confidence to go another trip and another trip. By so doing, you are gradually becoming a person of yourself.

  1. You Get Enough Time to Think

Solo journeys are one of the best times for personal reflections. Most ideas and inventions are birthed on such journeys. Many men of God claim to get inspiration for their messages on such trips. You get undistracted as you ponder on nature and even your past lives. If you are a writer, don’t be surprised your next book can be just conceived on your solo journey.

Failaka Island, Kuwait

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