Benefits of Traveling Alone

Benefits of Traveling Alone

There is no doubt you must have wondered if there could ever be any benefits attached to going on a vacation or business trip alone. Sure, the thought of being alone can be frightening and as such, many of us avoid it like plague. In fact, a club’s motto reads “You’ll never walk alone”. We love to be accompanied to places especially by people that matter to us. It is true that two is better than one but do you know there are innumerable benefits in a solo travel? Well, by the time you digest the benefits here listed, you may want to get to that next destination of yours all by yourself. Here we go!

  1. Cost

This, on face value, may not matter much especially if you are a well-to-do person. In fact, if the journey is just some few kilometers to your city, the cost of bringing a person or two along with you may be relatively insignificant. However, consider a situation in which you are to travel out of your continent, you will surely have to multiply your budget by two and this could in a way, drain your purse. If you are the type that likes to save cost, especially when it is not detrimental, you may want to opt for a solo journey.

  1. A Time For Self-Discovery

Sometimes when we have people around us giving us insights and ideas on what to do and which decision to take, we rarely put all our intellectual assets into use. We rarely get to see ourselves the way we are outside of others. Take, for instance, if you get to a crossroad where you don’t know which way to follow, your partner may whisper something to your ears or put forward a suggestion and you just inadvertently follow.

Where such decision gets to be right, he or she has made use of his or her gut while you have suppressed yours. But if you are alone, you get to learn how to listen to your inner self and make the right decision. You become independent and capable of taking an unaided decision. Several things you have thought you couldn’t do before, you may just discover that you can. Traveling alone gives you such opportunity for self-discovery.

  1. Your Chances of Making Friends Easily Increases

If you are two or more on your journey, you probably will have to spend most, if not all of your time focusing and pleasing them without spending much time with residents of places of your visit. Imagine if you are a wife traveling with your hubby, while that may be commendable, considerable time of your journey would be devoted to pleasing your spouse.

Me and my new friend Loraine Balbona whom I met in Dubai.

However, being alone would mean you have no one else to share your attention with than the natives. This would push you to make friends with people who are not from your country or ethnic or racial background. There are advantages attached to such friendships and your stay would even be far pleasurable with it. You will get the best of your visits and there is no limit to the height you can go with such friends.

  1. It Will Improve Your Confidence

Confidence is built in the face of trials. And to be honest, a solo journey can be a sort of trial. If overcome, you gain more confidence to go another trip and another trip. By so doing, you are gradually becoming a person of yourself.

  1. You Get Enough Time to Think

Solo journeys are one of the best times for personal reflections. Most ideas and inventions are birthed on such journeys. Many men of God claim to get inspiration for their messages on such trips. You get undistracted as you ponder on nature and even your past lives. If you are a writer, don’t be surprised your next book can be just conceived on your solo journey.

Failaka Island, Kuwait

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Safety Tips For Female Solo Travelers

Safety Tips For Female Solo Travelers

Embarking on a journey alone as a female call for certain cautions and safety tips. It has been affirmed worldwide that to prevent an ugly event from happening is far more preferable than looking for a solution after it has happened. Even in countries and cities generally tagged to be calm and welcoming, there are still some precautions that must be adhered to in order to forestall any danger. Without much ado, let us consider some of those safety tips.


  1. Before leaving your home country, make sure you have done sufficient research on your proposed destination. It is not always the best going to a place you know little or nothing about. In fact, when you know much about the country, you need to itemize on the pages of a book where you are going to spend your time and the full address of those places This is a very significant thing. Also, you should share complete details with a friend or a relative, who exactly know what is happening. This is a very important thing just in case you are in some kind of trouble.
  2. When you set out each day to where you have planned to visit, do not take out with you things you really don’t need. Do not take out too much money because such sum can get lost and put you in panic. You may even give locals the impression that you are a very rich lady and as such, may be kidnapped or robbed. You should try and avoid such a situation or you may land up in serious trouble and may get unwanted attention at all. This is a very important thing.
  3. While you should maintain a positive attitude towards everyone, do not trust strangers too quickly. Some may actually have ulterior motives behind their being friendly and as soon as they make you feel comfortable, you may be robbed of your valuables. The advisable thing is to keep everyone at arm’s length until you can verify to a certain degree what their character feels like.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the way things are done in your chosen destination and try to blend as much as you can to avoid appearing as a greenhorn. For instance, your dressing must not be far from what is obtainable in your chosen area or else, you may be duped or robbed since some locals know you don’t understand the terrain.
  5. Take along as it were, extra oil. Forecast a situation where your purse is lost and all your cash missing. Picture a situation where you just can’t find some or all of your very important documents. What would you do in such situation? You can decide to plan for these worst scenarios by keeping an ATM Card somewhere and making as many photocopies as possible for the latter. This is a very important thing and you should follow these things to have a safe journey.

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Healthy Travel – Top 8 Helpful Tips

Healthy Travel – Top 8 Helpful Tips

You can easily get sick and your health degrades while you are on your travel. You may fall into the holiday trap with extra calorie meal and limited exercise. You must always make enough preparation so that you will not have any fatigue or health hazards while you are traveling. It is important because you will be in a new place and no one to take care of you. The health system may be different than your country and your insurance program may not work there. To avoid all these tricky situations you must stay fit during your travel. Below are few tricks that you can follow for healthy travel.

1.Know about grocery and healthy restaurant, research before you travel

It will be ideal to research and find out about the place you are about to travel. Try to locate grocery stores and this makes it easy to stock up your grocery once you arrive at your destination. While you look for your accommodation try to find a place with a fridge and this will help your food preserve. You will find it easier to locate all groceries and other essential food stores if you know about the place prior your travel.

2.Plan healthy breakfast and lunch

While you are on a travel it is important that you make a structured plan for each day and this gives you ample time to see all the fascinating and majestic views of the city. You can take regular breaks with pre-planned breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings. If you can prepare your own breakfast and lunch you can always control what you eat and make something healthy for yourself. If you do not have access to kitchen and fridge then it is ok for you to go around and find some restaurant offering healthy food. Try something new for the day with good nutritional value. If you are satisfied with the quality of breakfast you can even ask for a packaged lunch from that particular restaurant.

3.Sleep enough

You are on a vacation and you may be taking this opportunity to explore the place to the optimum but while you go around looking for something in this new city make sure you do not hamper your health. While you are in your transit or arrive your destination getting 7-8 hours is essential for your health. Once you are in your destination make a plan for enough sleep as your immune system stays strong and recovery stays on track. You will be tired and ample sleeping time gives you freshness for next day and keeps you healthy as well.

4.Make time for exercise and workout

You read it right, make some time for your workout and exercise. Burn your fats and sweat enough even if you are on your travel. The reason is simple, you do not want to add extra pound by the time you finish your holiday and get sick while you are on vacation. You can ask for your hotel if they have any gym or find some local exercise clubs for work-out. If none of this option is available you can do your own workout. Find some space within your room and try some basic sweating exercise like push-ups, sit-ups, and squat to keep yourself in good shape.

5.Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is key while you travel to those places that are more humid than your country. You should always make sure to pack an extra bottle of water while you are going out to a hotter place. While traveling, make sure you get enough water on the flight and transit as well. You can always be confused for being thirsty to be ravenous and eat a lot. Getting enough water for your body can help you prevent you from eating more. Water has many health benefits and you can stay healthy while you travel by drinking enough water.

6.Pack your own meals and snacks

There cannot be better food than the food from home. You can avoid unhealthy food during your travel and transit. Having your own food saves money as well and you know what you are eating. Declare any food at the airport once you arrive and you need to make sure you checked all the rules about bringing a food item to that particular country before you pack your food.  If you get your room with the kitchen then make sure you utilize this opportunity and prepare your own meal. You can carry your lunch box while you go for the city tour and avoid spending money on food. You can eat your own healthy food with no time wasted for ordering in a restaurant.

7.Walk, walk, and walk

You can get many benefits from walking around. You will save money on transportation, you will know the place better and you will stay healthy. Get a map and start exploring the place, get lost and get found, add excitement to your travel. You should be cautious while you walk in the dawn or evening time depending on the place where you are spending your holiday. But don’t miss the opportunity to sweat while you go around looking at the majestic views.

8.Bike rental

You can burn your calories while you are on vacation. The Bike can give you an opportunity to cover more ground and explore the place more than you expected. Many cities will have bike-friendly roads and tracks that you can use to go around. Grab your bag-pack and go for a picnic while you burn your calories. You are on a travel and you would not mind exploring new places. You have the option of doing some research on bike tour while you ride around the city.

You have to be extra cautious if you have extra dietary needs and make arrangements accordingly. Your health should be your priority no matter where you travel. You do not want to return back sick while you should be enjoying your vacation. Make sure you check all the health requirement from the country and get vaccinated if necessary. You must carry all your medication and some basic first aid items while you are on a holiday trip.

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How To Travel Without Much Money

How To Travel Without Much Money

You may be wondering about planning for travel but lack of money might leave you scratching your head. Don’t panic but continue your plan as we bring you a number of ways to travel with limited money in your pocket. You must plan ahead and plan well to get your travel go as planned. You must use different cost-effective approach to travel with less money. There is a number of elements that you must consider before you plan your travel.

If you have to travel via air, there are a number of techniques that you can use to find the cheapest airlines that can take you to your destination.

1. Check fares regularly: If you are determined to travel one thing you need to do is check for the airfare regularly. Be sure that the fare will drop eventually and that is the right moment for you to book your tickets with the lowest price. You can use sites that compare airfare and send you the updates regularly. I personally use in checking airfares.

2. Try using budget airlines: There are numbers of budget airlines that operate between US and Europe as well as other destination. You can try to book your trip on such budget airlines. While you travel inside Europe you can find regional discount airlines that are cheaper than other commercial airlines.

3. If possible drive: This option may not be practical for many of you but if you think it’s possible you can drive to your destination. Petrol is much cheaper than the air fuel. You can find a number of rental companies or even cross-border coach services that can be utilized to reach your destination.

4. While making your booking for hotels, if you are traveling in a group you can always explore the possibility of renting a house or a condo which might be cheaper than hotel rooms. Even if there are no options for booking house, go for cheap hotels that are affordable and provide you minimal service with rate within your budget. You can also find a number of websites where you can swap homes with someone from that part of the world where you are planning to travel. You can find a number of people who want to swap home for travel and if everything matches you can do the deal. This will be a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel. Check AirBnb and Booking for a discounted rate using my links. If you are planning to visit my beloved country, the Philippines try using TravelBook they have good offers too.

Destination, you can always change your mind and go for a bargain destination rather than the popular and expensive ones. There are other options to avoid chaotic and expensive tourist destination by going to a secondary destination as well. The secondary destination is those nearby cities with cheap hotel and food than the main tourist area. You can also show your cleverness by choosing off-season location or time for your travel. Using this technique you can go to travel your dream destination but you can save money exploring offseason offers. Usually, such destination does not have 100% occupancy during offseason because of which you might be lucky to spend your holiday with limited money.

Go Prepared: Your travel will be hassle-free if you are 100% prepared for it. Plan well and study well about the destination you are about to visit. If your plan is to stay for longer period of time then try getting passes for local transportation. You can also find out when the museums have a low entry fee or if any passes are available for tourist. Know about the place well, where you can dine for cheap. Get maximum information about the destination and try to find rates of all kind of services beforehand so that you do not have to be in trouble when you are at your destination.
If you want to travel with a limited amount of money, book fixed-cost trip. By doing so you will know beforehand what places you are going and what activities you will be doing during your travel. You can get detailed package information and you can plan your trip accordingly. Although fixed-cost trip has limited opportunity something is always better than nothing. You can still enjoy your holiday at your dream destination.

You would love to taste the delicious food when you are in travel, you can do that with some popular meal of the place but if you want to do a budget travel one way of enjoying your vacation with limited money is to cook food yourself. You can eat what you want to be preparing the food on your own. You can find hotels that will give you the utensils and let you cook.

Foods in Romania

If you are traveling in a group or you happen to meet someone during your travel you can even share your expenses. By doing so your cost will be reduced by half in many cases. You can hire a taxi and share your fare among yourselves.
When you say travel is expensive or you cannot travel because of your low-income job that is actually not a problem. You can use a logical way to save money for travel. You must first make travel your priority. Once you do this cut your expenses on other headings and save your money. Don’t go for unnecessary shopping or movies.

If you are a native English speaker with good English accent you can make your travel money by teaching English in your destination country. You can always find a voluntary job which can pay you some amount or give you some food and this is saving your money one way or the other.

Make your travel during weekdays not weekend. We all know people are in celebration mood during the weekend and services get expensive during the weekend. You might be able to find cheap food and drinks during weekdays. Museum and art gallery may charge you less as well.

You can see that there are numbers of ways to travel with less budget. It all depends on your preparation and planning. Always try to find the way to reduce your cost. You can enjoy within your limits.

Share your ways on how you travel without much money in the comment below.

How To Start A Travel Blog

How To Start A Travel Blog

Blogging, which is basically the sharing of information on a word wide web-hosted website has become the in thing in most countries and places in the world today. People search for various kinds of information online and the articles and news (as the case may be) that bloggers disseminate on their blogs eventually becomes the means by which this desire is met.

One of the very important niches of blogging is a travel blog. It deals with supplying information of places, experiences and real stories if the blogger had been there personally before. The essence of doing this is to inform potential travelers of the pros and cons of their intended places of the journey and to ensure maximum optimization of their time and resources on such journeys.

For anyone that really wants to start a meaningful and perhaps, lucrative travel blog website, certain things and steps have to be in place some of which are listed.

1. The Choice of Name

A good travel blog must carry a correspondingly good domain name. The name should focus on the type of travel information you wish to keep disseminating or the traveling experience you wish to have. An example of such domain name can go like this: This domain name makes it clear that you intend to keep sharing information on how to maximize a three week Europe visitation. It could also mean that you would be sharing your personal experience of a three weeks journey you have had traveling to European countries. Keep It (your proposed domain name) Short and Simple, KISS!

2. Determine How Your Blog would be Hosted

Hosting is a term used for the platform on which your expression would be aired. Just like everyone needs a house to stay, your information and files which you want to feed the world with must be housed. That is what is called hosting. You can choose from the array of hosts offering such service howbeit, you would have to pay some amounts as your rental fee every year. Some of these hosts include Bluehost and WP engine. Generally speaking, because of the relatively cheap price, the Bluehost is highly recommended for beginners.

3. Install WordPress Software on Your Computer

If you want to self-host your blog on WordPress such that instead of your domain name ending in or, you can simply get something like this: your domain name. com, You can get this done on WordPress with your activated Bluehost account. Simply open the installation link on your blue host account and do so. If it asks where you would like to install it, simply enter your domain name. Once this is done, you will be able to log in to WordPress with your created username and password.

4. Get to Know How to Use WordPress

Since you will have to upload information on your WordPress constantly, it is paramount that you learn how things are done. In all honesty, you really do not need to hire anyone to teach you this. Just go online and search for material on WordPress usage and you will have abundant information to guide you through

5. Use a Professional Blog Theme

Although WordPress blog comes with plenty of themes for your use, they may not be what you need to get public attention which would eventually yield money. You may have to subscribe to the premium version which is around 25 to 80 USD. Professional themes sort of add flavor to your blog.

6. Get Some Useful Plugins such as Wptouch, WP optimizer, Yoast SEO, Akismet and the rest

Set up your page by writing a brief but captivating “about yourself page”. This where you sell yourself and your blog. Here is where you start making people realize what you stand for. Once, you have done this, you are good to go on your travel blogging. You may, however, need to update yourself by taking some courses in the niche.

Top 10 Best Attractions in Kuwait

Top 10 Best Attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, has cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. Kuwait City, the capital, is known for its modern architecture, ranging from skyscrapers to the striking Kuwait Towers, water towers whose design recalls the tiled domes of a classic mosque.

It is one of the richest country in the world. Even though going around this country is a bit expensive I must say it’s worth exploring its beautiful spots. Here are the places you need to check out while in Kuwait.

Kuwait Towers

Located on Arabian Gulf Road in Sharq district, the Kuwait Towers is one of the famous landmarks in Kuwait. Built in March 1979, it comprises two major towers and a minor tower. There are 55,000 circular steel plates surrounding the towers, painted with 8 different colors.

Contact: +965 2244 4119

The Liberation Tower

It is the symbol of Kuwaiti liberation, the representation of country’s resurgence, second tallest tower in Kuwait, and the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. Officially unveiled by the late Kuwaiti Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on 10th March 1996, this 372meter tall tower is 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Contact: +965 2244 3882

Doha Village

Doha Village is a place to visit for those interested in gaining some information about the glorious trading history of Kuwait. Doha Village was famous for construction of fishing and dhows units during the past. Therefore, visiting Doha Village is like returning to history of Kuwait.

Failaka Island

Failaka Island is one among the most visited tourist destinations in Kuwait. Located along the northern part of Persian Gulf, and located 20kms away from the city, and situated opposite to the Failaka Bay, the area covers 24 square kilometers of area, and is one of the most important islands in Kuwait.

Grand Mosque

Located in the heart of the city, Grand Mosque, also referred to as Al-Masjid Al-Kabir, is a wonderful site with traditional Islamic architecture, and is the largest official mosque in Kuwait.

Contact: +965 2298 0800

Al Shaheed Park

Located on the periphery of Kuwait city, narrates the story of a land, its history and culture. The park consists of 200,000 m2 of greenery, featuring beautiful botanical gardens, two museums – Thekra & the Habitat, a visitor center, a lake, walkways and jogging tracks, making it the largest urban park in Kuwait.

Contact: +965 – 22461267


Mirror House

The House of Mirrors or Mirror House, also known as the Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum is the residence of Artists Khalifa Qattan and his wife Lidia Qattan, both intellectual and pioneer artists in their field. The creator of the Mirror House, Lidia, is an Italian born arttist and writer who moved to Kuwait when she married her husband Khalifa. She began her project of single-handedly transforming their home into a fantastic work of art in 1966. The project was worked on intermitently until it’s completion in 2006. The exterior walls of the house is covered with murals of mirror mosaic, each design symbolizes a meaning. The interior ground floor, is completely covered in mirror mosaic from floors to walls and ceilings.


Phone/Fax : +965-22518522
WhatsApp : 0096550747677
Tours by appointment only!

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre is a multidisciplinary public space owned by the Amiri Diwan striving to entertain, educate and inspire people. It will offer a range of events – in music, theatre, film, workshops and spoken word – for every generation and sector of society. JACC provides a space for dialogue to share and showcase skills and knowledge, giving younger voices a forum in which to speak. The cultural centre is a platform for educational and cultural exchange; moreover, it functions as an influential entertainment and culture powerhouse and productive space for the region.

Sadu House

Sadu House is an artistic house and museum in Kuwait City. It was established by the Al Sadu Society in 1980 to protect the interests of the Bedouins and their ethnic handicrafts, Sadu weaving, which is an embroidery form in geometrical shapes hand woven by Bedouin people.

Contact: +965 2243 2395

Green Island

Green Island is well known as the ideal place for relaxation. It is a popular holiday retreat of Kuwait, which is in fact, a reclaimed land, transformed into an artificial island.

Contact: +965 2257 3542

There you have it! What are you waiting for? Visiting Kuwait is just a click a way. If you think I forgot something in my list feel free to add it in the comment section.

How To Travel Like A Local

How To Travel Like A Local
Glenda –  Dubai Sand Dunes

Traveling like a local can reward us with the most authentic travel experiences. It gives us a peak into a way of life that is completely different than our own, which is one of the greatest gifts of traveling! Sometimes it’s the tourist hotspots that ironically end up being our worst travel experiences. The influx of people can cause the quality to downgrade and the massive crowd can just ruin the moment all together.

Traveling like a local can be difficult though, especially when popular travel sites like TripAdvisor are dominated by tourists only. However, with the right resources, it’s actually much easier than you’d think!

If you’re someone that likes to dabble in local culture and discover hidden gems when traveling, all you need to do is utilize these resources below, and you’ll be set! They’ll help you find anything you need from authentic restaurants and accommodation to unforgettable activities and hangouts. You name it!

Follow this guide and you’ll become an expert in traveling like a local!

Restaurants & Bars

Ditch TripAdvisor & use FourSquare!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.05.14 AM

Remember FourSquare? It may seem like a fad that came and went, but it’s actually one of the best resources for traveling like a local! As an app that many locals use to simply check in to places for points, it has overtime become a map of every city’s local favorites!

Countless times I’ve used TripAdvisor to find top-rated restaurants, but the most authentic spots I’ve found are always through FourSquare! If you aim for places that have a score of 8 and higher it’s hard to go wrong! Use it on your computer or download the app to access it on the go.


Skip the hotel & stay in an AirBnB!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.33.40 AM

Booking with AirBnb is another way to experience a new city like a true local! Not only that, they’re usually much cheaper than hotels and come with great insider recommendations from your host!

Activities & Tours

Avoid the travel agencies & access unique recommendations from bloggers and travel magazines instead!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.48.21 AM


Travel agencies usually only offer “one size fits all” tours to travelers and many only care about making profit, rather than your individuals needs/interests. On the contrary, travel blogs and magazines can provide you with specific recommendations based on your travel style. Whether you’re a couple, family of 5, or solo traveler, you can find targeted suggestions for anything you want on these online sites! Plus, their main goal is to offer their readers new, worthwhile recommendations that can’t readily be found on popular tourism sites. That being said, you know you’re in good hands!

Some travel blogs I enjoy are Expert Vagabond, Two Monkeys Travel Group, and Nomadic Matt . When it comes to online travel magazines, my favorites are CNN Travel, Conde Naste, and Huffington Post travel section.

For All Things Off the Beaten Path 

Combine the last 3 resources & visit Like A Local Guide!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.08.53 PM


Like a Local City Guide is a website made specifically for revealing worldwide native favorites in order to help you travel “like a local”!

This site has it all, especially since all the recommendations come from seasoned residents who know their city better than anyone!

I used this guide to find restaurants whenever I travel, and every recommendation was spot-on! They were responsible for giving me all my most authentic food experiences!


Get off the computer & go meet some locals!

Glenda – Photography Workshop – Romania


Don’t be afraid to ask around and interact with the city residents! This is the best, quickest, and easiest way to experience a city like a local- by simply becoming friends with them!

When I was in Romania, I attended activities like dancing in the street with the locals and a photography workshop with locals as well. I was even interviewed and featured in their local news.

with my Romanian friend Stela Cocarlea – Black Sea


If you know of any other resources to add to the list, I’d love to hear your comments below

Christmas Events 2016 in Asia

Christmas Events 2016 in Asia

Via Tynne De Leon

Are you looking to spend the holidays outside the country? If you haven’t decided where to head to yet, here are events to watch out for if you want to spend this year’s holidays in Asia.




A giant Christmas tree will grace the Statue Square starting December 2, so snap a photo with your family because the magical view will definitely be one for the frames.

You and bae can also seal your romance with the “Love Locks” and get serenaded by the angelic voices of a Christmas choir.

The Hong Kong Winterfest will run from November 25, 2016 to January 1, 2017.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is another spectacle of fireworks and countdown celebrations. Be in your party mood all night as colorful lights will shower the Hong Kong sky.




Orchard Road will transform into a Christmas paradise; the street will be filled with lights and interactive booths for locals and tourists to enjoy. This “Christmas On A Great Street” will run from November 12, 2016 to January 2, 2017. For ravers, dive into ZoukOut, the all-night mega music festival on December 9, and experience the thrill and hype of the Singaporean nightlife.

Gardens by the Bay will also be in festive spirit with their Christmas Wonderland fair from December 2, 2016 to January 1, 2017. A wide selection of food, rides and attraction will fill the place, and now they’re expanding up to The Meadow.

The stylish Marina Bay Sands will host a New Year countdown, and you surely wouldn’t want to miss the 20,000 eye-catching wishing spheres, musical performances, bazaars and the traditional fireworks display. ‘Tis the perfect place to end the year!

South Korea



One of South Korea’s biggest theme park, Everland, holds an annual massive Christmas celebration that will surely make you book that South Korea trip now. This year highlights the “White X-mas Parade” featuring Christmas characters, special performances and carols in snow background. Thousands of colorful Christmas lights in various colors and designs will fill the area, sure to captivate every visitor with the amazing spectacle of lights and music. It will run from November 24 to December 31.

Lots of musical shows and Christmas character appearances will be held every night in the famous Lotte World. From November 12 to December 31, the place will transform into a land of fairy tale — complete with artificial snow!

The Seoulland theme park will also host a variety of holiday events, so watch out for gift-giving, playing with Santa and a lot more musical shows for the whole family.

On NYE, the Olympic Park transforms into a popular countdown venue, featuring great food, music and entertainment. On the next day, you can watch the first sunrise of the year at the Homigot Sunrise Festival in Pohang Beach.



Fireworks explode near the Malaysia's landmark Petronas Twin Towers during New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur

Head to Malaysia’s malls this holidays to experience their best shopping season. Aside from feasting your eyes with the display of festive lights, hoard lots of various items and branded products because it’s the much-awaited 1Malaysia Year End Sale from November 1 to December 31 throughout the whole country! And yes, they’re open even on Christmas and New Year.

You can also join the Christmas parades in Kuching City and Miri City, and witness the Malaysian holiday spirit with the music and performances. Make new friends while immersing in their joyful culture as thousands join these parades every year. And remember to wear a red shirt and blend in the Christmas crowd!

For an unforgettable year-ender, swing by the Kuala Lumpur City Center or The Petronas Towers on New Year’s Eve and witness their lively fireworks show.




In Yokohama, you can enjoy the Japan winter by skating in the “Art Rink” at the Red Brick Warehouse with the dreamy view of Minato Mirai. Be one of the firsts to watch the first-ever 180-degree projection mapping show at The Dockyard Garden, titled Dreamy Story of A Nutracker.

There will be shopping fiestas in Tokyo, like the Setagaya Boro-ichiHanakawado Hakidaore-ichi Shoe Market and Hagoita-ichi. Kyoto will also make you want to drain your wallet as their big downtown stores like the Daimaru and Takashiyama have big Christmas sales. Going out on a fancy date is quite a requisite to couples on this day, so make sure you have plans with your SO.

New Year, on the other hand, is a big winter holiday in Japan and is often more festive than Christmas. People and establishments do annual traditional events like the Oshogatsu in Morikami Museum where you can taste traditional food, watch open air koto performances and visit the historic gardens.

They say your New Year experience in Japan won’t be complete if you don’t join the crowd in Hatsumode festivities. It’s the annual first visit to a temple or shrine where you’ll see all the famous temples in a festive atmosphere.

They don’t do much fireworks on New Year’s eve, but you can still catch brilliant displays plus music shows in some places like the Universal Studios in Osaka, Tokyo Disneyland and the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Aquarium.



People all over Vietnam gather around the major churches at city centers such as Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi and Notre Dame Cathedral in Hoi Chi Minh during Christmas Eve. It’s a well celebrated tradition every year; that, as well as attending the midnight mass must be at the top of your Vietnam holiday itinerary.

The Vietnamese are known for their grand New Year’s celebrations, so whichever city you’re in, you’re guaranteed to have a New Year experience you won’t forget. All the cool bars will each have their unique parties on NYE. Check out these restaurants and bars that will help you welcome the New Year with a bang.

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10 Reasons to Visit Romania

10 Reasons to Visit Romania

Romania is not just the place where Dracula was born or lived or whatever the story is. This country has its own beauty inside hidden deep in the magical nature. There is something that will make you fall in love in this place.

Even when you take the first step in Romania you will feel the difference between what’s real and what’s not. If you’ve been avoiding Romania so far, these reasons will definitely make you visit this country next month.

1.Beautiful Landscapes


Romania enjoys a very diverse scenery: from high mountain peaks reaching almost 3,000 meters (the Carpathian Mountains), to hills and plains, the Danube Delta and the Black Sea shore. The country is well-watered by many rivers, streams and lakes. There are two main highways crossing the Carpathian Mountains: Transalpina and Transfagarasan running at very high altitudes, with twists and turns and deep ravines, equally beautiful and dangerous.

2.Medieval Towns and Old Authentic Villages

Biertan, Romania
Transylvanian Village

Throughout Transylvania there are villages that remained almost unaffected by modern civilization, still looking like they did three centuries ago. In the central part of the country there are some beautifully preserved medieval towns, like Brasov, SighisoaraSibiu, Cluj, or Alba Iulia whose citadels make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

3.Beautiful Castles 

Bran Castle also known as Dracula’s Castle
Peles Castle

Romania is home to three of Europe’s top 25 castles: the elegant Peles Castle, located in the Carpathian Mountains near the town of Sinaia;  Bran Castle, originally built by the Knights of the Teutonic Order in 1212 and later closely tied to the legend of Dracula; and Hunedoara Castle, also known as Hunyadi, or Corvin Castle,  the place of the 7 years imprisonment of Vlad the Impaler and  supposedly a haunted place.

4.Easy to Visit 

Crossing the street – Constanta

As a former communist country, Romania  isn’t usually the place that people have high up on their must-see lists. That means tourist attractions can be visited with ease, without many restrictions and limitations, usually strictly enforced in other countries.  You can walk just by yourself in a castle without having to wait for an organized tour, or take pictures in an old church without being admonished. Historic sites are not overcrowded and picture-taking is not prohibited in most places. Unfortunately though, this started to change lately as the number of tourists visiting Romania is growing every year.

5.It’s Affordable 

Train Station – Sinaia

Romania is still a budget destination where your dollar goes a long way. Hotel and food prices are very low compared to other European countries. Restaurants and cafés can be slightly more expensive near the tourist sites, but still affordable. Admission fees for museums and other attractions are also very reasonable and so is public transportation.

6.Delicious Foods and Historic Restaurants

Romanian Foods

Tasty food has always been a part of the Romanian culture. Almost anywhere you eat the food is delicious. Romanian cuisine has some Hungarian, Germanic and Turkish influences but still maintains its identifiable character. An example would be the classic sour soup (“ciorba“) made with “borş” (a sour liquid made from wheat and cornflower) and fried mutton pastrami with polenta. So if you visit Romania, be prepared to return with a few extra pounds. But besides tasty food, Romania is home to some very old, traditional restaurants with wonderful interiors, painted ceilings and ornate woodwork . Some of the most famous ones are located in Bucharest’s historic center, like Caru’ cu Bere, Hanu’ Berarilor (located in a historic house that once belonged to Elena Lupescu, mistress of King Carol II), Hanu’ lui ManucCrama Domneasca, or Casa Doina.

7.The Romanian Black Sea Resorts

Black Sea Resort

Stretch from the Danube Delta in the North down to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the South, along the coastline. The Romanian Black Sea riviera is served by Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport (Constanta) which is connected to the main European capitals through charter flights during the summer season and by Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, within 3 hours drive on the European Road, A2.

8.The Danube Delta


The Danube Delta is formed by the river Danube flowing into the Black Sea. There are many beautiful sites in Romania that are worth visiting, but if you are a bird-watcher and pure nature lover you shouldn’t miss this one . It is the largest and the best preserved delta in Europe, with over 300 species of birds living in its lakes and marshes. The Danube Delta is a protected habitat and was declared a biosphere reserve.

9.Bucharest’s Architecture


In the past, the city’s elegant inter-belic architecture earned Bucharest the nickname of “Little Paris”, but unfortunately today’s architecture is rather a blend of some old palaces dating back to the 19th century, art-deco buildings and new modern blocks of flats.

Altogether Bucharest is a mixed bag with some clean, well maintained areas next to neglected, dirty ones. Many of the historic buildings have fallen into serious disrepair, but there are still some old well preserved ones, especially in the downtown area.

Miraculously, a good number of historic churches in Bucharest managed to survive Communism and have been restored to their original beauty. The European Union invested serious funds into rebuilding some of the old, historic areas of Bucharest.

10.Friendly People


In the end, no matter how beautiful a country is, it is its people that will make the difference. Romanians are known for their friendliness and hospitality. The best part is that almost everywhere you go you’ll find someone who speaks English, especially the young generation. And even if they don’t, they will do their best to accommodate you or point you in the right direction.

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Top 10 Best Attractions in Singapore

Top 10 Best Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world’s most prosperous countries and boasts the world’s busiest port. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for a lot of reasons. One of which is the less stringent entry requirements.

Singapore was the first country I visited and I was totally amazed with its family-friendly attractions, swanky shopping centers and restaurants, beaches, theme parks, bustling shopping precincts, jungles, hiking, zoos and museums, all shaped by Singapore’s unique cultural blend. Here are the best attractions you need to see in Singapore.


Gardens by the Bay is a huge, colourful, futuristic park in the bay area of Singapore; and has been crowned World Building of the year at the world Architecture Festival 2012. The famous Supertree structures offer an impressive skywalk over the gardens, over-sized seashell-shaped greenhouses recreate chilly mountain climates and there are hundreds of trees and plants to discover, making this destination great fun for both kids and adults.


As movie theme parks go Sentosa’s Universal is more compact than most and easy and safe to explore. It’s divided into seven zones, including Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Sci-Fi City. Regular parades featuring famous movie characters take place in the streets, and there are fireworks most Saturday nights. The rides are the main attraction, the newest of which, Battlestar Galactica, is the world’s tallest duelling rollercoaster where passengers are upside down most of the time. The place gets packed especially on weekends so it pays to buy an Express Pass on top of your day pass to skip the queues.


More than 800 species of marine creatures are on show here, divided into marine environments from the south-east Asian region and further afield, including a massive sea of sharks. Among the displays you’ll see lionfish with their venomous spines, seaweed-like sea dragons, manta rays and moray eels.


Sticking out among the skyscrapers in the Singapore skyline, the Singapore Flyer is no ordinary orb. Instead, this is where to go for the most magnificent views of the city. A scenic spin on the Singapore Flyer takes you 165 metres above ground, or as high as 42 storeys, as you marvel at the spectacular scenery below. Located in the heart of downtown Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer is now Asia’s largest giant observation wheel.


Orchard road is known as one of the best places in Singapore for shopping and leisure.  Frequented by both tourists and locals and alike, orchard road is flanked by malls, restaurants, international coffee chains, supermarkets, hotels and various nightclubs. Enjoy shopping the best of souvenirs and stuff from various international brands as well. Read more