A Photography Exhibit by LightBenders: Kuwait Explored

A Photography Exhibit by LightBenders: Kuwait Explored

LightBenders Photography Group is one of the biggest Filipino photography clubs in Kuwait. The word “lightbenders” was adapted from the movie Air Benders. Established in 2011, the club was originally formed by a group of friends who share the same passion for photography. Thank you to the CORE of LightBenders namely:

  1. Chris Sanan 
  2. Ramil Sunga
  3. Diomil Dela Peña
  4. Rizalde Cayanan
  5. William Martinez
  6. Gener Reyes
  7. Jobz Torres     
  8. Aldrin Marin
  9. Ming Marbella
  10. Alex Bolado
  11. Bogs Dichoson
  12. Mickey Tolentino
The CORE of LightBenders

LightBenders was once a handful group of amateur photographers and now has grown into a club with currently 55 active and 106 registered online members. Our club is composed of talented members, of different specialties and fields in photography, who never ceases to learn and explore as well as willing to share and encourage each other to enhance our craft and keep the passion for photography alive.

LB has been active in different activities such as workshops, charity events, and exhibits. These are just some of the successful activities and events we had since LightBenders was established:

  • Chasing Light 1.0 by Jay Jallorina
  • Chasing Light 2.0 by Edwin Martinez
  • Lakshmi Wedding Photography
  • SnS (Sanan & Sunga) Portrait 101
  • Book of Elements
  • Avant Garde
  • La Resurrection
  • Enkantadia
  • Shoot for a cause for typhoon Ondoy victims
  • Shoot for a cause for typhoon Yolanda victims
  • Shoot for a cause – LB Sunrise
  • Shoot for a cause – A K.LI.K of Hope
  • Prelude Photography Exhibit
  • Kuwait Explored Exhibit

As a proud member of LB, and on behalf of LB Family, I am inviting everyone to check the beauty of Kuwait through a photographic exhibition entitled Kuwait Explored by the LightBenders, the exhibit will be held at Yarmouk Cultural Center, Kuwait on the 24th of November 2017 from 12:00 PM-08:00 PM. Tips, tricks, and Q & A will be served by the LB’s during the event. Photographs will be on sale and a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

For more information about the event, kindly contact our Core Founder and Adviser, Arch. Chris Sanan at cpsanan@gmail.com or our President, Mr. Roden Quintinio at denro_25@yahoo.com. Again, we are inviting you to come and see our exhibit.

Unity Shoot For A Cause By K.LI.K. (Kapisanan ng mga Litratistang Pilipino sa Kuwait)

Unity Shoot For A Cause By K.LI.K. (Kapisanan ng mga Litratistang Pilipino sa Kuwait)

Filipinos are known to have a big heart and so helping each other is not a new thing for us. We always unite in giving or sharing to anyone who needs help.

As we all know the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), it is an annual international health campaign to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure.

With the help of the event organizers, makeup artists, models, and photographers the unity shoot for the benefit of the Kabayan Cancer Support Group was a successful event with more than a hundred participants from different groups. It was entitled “A K.LI.K of HOPE” held on the 27th of October in Mahaboula, Kuwait. Thank you to the President of PINDOT, Mr. Job Rejante who contacted the other groups to participate and to Ms. Maxxy Santiago who was with us to cover the whole event.

Kapisanan ng mga Litratistang Pilipino sa Kuwait or K.LI.K is a collaboration of Filipino photography groups in Kuwait namely: Lightbenders, Maniniyot Kuwait, PIX, Kolab, Pinoy Snappers, and Pindot. K.LI.K. was created in order to build camaraderie and unity among the Filipino photography groups in Kuwait. This event was supported by AAB World and Pinoy Arabia FM.

  1. LightBenders
  2. PINDOT or Pinoy Digital Photographers in Kuwait
  3. Maniniyot Kuwait
  4. Pinoy Snappers
  5. KOLAB
  6. PIX or Pinoy Imagery Xpressionist

Here are some photos that were taken by different photographers during the event:

Photographer: Roden Quintinio of Lightbenders           Model: Jennicel Ann Tanguilig
Photographer: Glenda Basa of Lightbenders
Photographer: Peewee Barrozo of PINDOT          Model: Angelyn Cortez Espiritu
Photographer: Rphy Samstill of Kolab Models: Paula Marsha & Gabby Erica Bella
Photographer: Ramil Sunga of Lightbenders
Photographer: Alexis Deiparine of PIX Model: Jackie
Photographer: Laurencio V. Bulosan Jr. of Pinoy Snappers Model: Danica Raveno
Photographer: Marvic C. Lapastora of Kolab Model: Paula
Photographer: Florencio Ino of Pindot Model: Angelyn Cortez Espiritu

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What To Expect With KelbyOne

What To Expect With KelbyOne


It is a website dedicated to teaching different aspects of photography online. It is one of the popular online learning resources that offers you a wide variety of photography related courses and service. It operates as Kelbyone.com and offers you services for photography, photography education and web development. It has some of the best photographer and Photoshop experts like Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Moore Peterson, Trey Ratcliff, and many others. Scott Kelby is the CEO since the establishment. This online educational service also offers personal classes and take you out in the field to learn with some of the great names in the business. They have a huge library of tutorial videos and other online materials that make learning easy and fun.

 Travel and Photography

You make memories as your travel around new places. These memories will be something you will cherish forever. The best way to capture these memories is by taking the pictures. You can always capture these moments you come across while on your holiday and travel. Anyone can take raw pictures without any formal training or class. However, you can capture the photos in better quality and in a more professional way if you have some basic photography.

There are a number of websites that offer you photography courses to give you some basic ideas of taking a perfect photo. You can also find other online services which you can subscribe for and learn from professional photographers. Kelbyone.com is one of those websites that provides you an online lesson on photography. Photograph editing, creating videos and other lessons related to photography. It is based in the USA and has tutors who are professional photographers who are working in different areas of the photography.

Kelbyone.com has many courses and travel photography is one of them. You can find a number of video tutorial on travel photography and these videos are pivotal for you to take some awesome portrait while you travel.

In the article, we will see what Kelbyone offers you and what are its advantage and disadvantage compared to other online business offering the same service. We will also look into their travel photography courses and try to figure out how effective this online resource has been. You can also see some users reviews based on their learning and working experience with Kelbyone.com.

Courses offered


There are two types of subscriptions available for Kelbyone. One is the monthly subscription for $19.99/month and you can get an annual subscription for $16.58/month. You can avail the annual subscription with 20% off using my link here. There are a number of service coming in the package. The notable ones are unlimited courses, user magazines, one-on-one help desk etc. you can get the firsthand look before getting membership by using their 10-days free trial. Once you are satisfied with what they offer you can choose for any one type of subscription.


There are unlimited courses offered under a various category.

  • Photography: With renowned and professional photographers this website offers you numerous photography courses with practical knowledge of photography on the field. You can learn while you travel. They provide you with one-on-one help to answer your queries. They offer other advanced courses like post-processing, live interactive webcasts, and more.
  • Photoshop: Numerous online courses on a photo with a large library of Photoshop training. You can take lessons/courses with guidance and tracking by the website so that you can pick up your course from where you left.
  • Lightroom: You can understand their proficiency in Lightroom as they have published Lightroom magazine and Lightroom training track during Photoshop World Conference. They offer you the best Lightroom courses and opportunities of enhancing your knowledge on Lightroom photography.
  • Gear: Kelby.com have gear courses that will make you understand your tools inside and out and let you think only on creating awesome images rather than the technology used.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: They offer you faster and easier learning with the creative cloud app.

 What services can you expect?

Once you sign up with Kelby.com you enter into the wonderful world of photography learning and unlock yourself a lot of awesome learning materials and opportunity. Kelbyone offers you with enough contents for a beginner with very competitive and attractive membership fee. They have an affordable and wide variety of online courses. You can sign up and explore for more opportunities of learning.

 Pros and Cons of Kelbyone.com

Almost every product we use or services we use have the advantage and disadvantage when compared with similar products. With Kelbyone.com things are not different either. Let us see what some of its pros and cons are.


  • Good tutorials compared to their competitors.
  • They have very organized and solid catalog.
  • A good team of experienced photographers.
  • Handful resources online.
  • Their in-person help has been phenomenal.
  • One of the most interesting videos you can watch – The Grid.


  • You may feel they are promoting too many sales sometimes, especially during festive season
  • Although they have a solid catalog, their catalog upgrade is a slow process.
  • iPad contents are not very user-friendly
  • some of the videos are too short for understanding the content while some are too vague and long

You can always have a personal look at any offers and courses to decide what you want. There is one advantage with Kelbyone.com before you actually sign up for its contents. It offers you 10-days free trial which can help you decide whether you want to join their services or not. You can utilize these 10 days to see what actual benefits can you get from them and maybe give a try for a monthly subscription.

There is criticism for every product and Kelbyone.com has faced some too. You can find similar services that might be cheaper and better, all you need to do is do some research and look for more options. You can compare every aspect of price, offers, and courses and choose which is best for you. In general, if you are a newbie in the field Kelbyone.com can be your choice.

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7 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Astrophotography – Beginners

7 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Astrophotography – Beginners

7 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Astrophotography for Beginners

Have you been eager to capture the night sky with your DSLR? The fascinating source of inspiration for camera gigs like shooting a beautiful night with millions of star and clear sky. You can grab the opportunity and capture some breathtaking photos. All you need is a DSLR camera, your passion for photography and a perfect night. We shall guide you on how you can use your DSLR camera to capture the astonishing view of the faraway galaxy. DSLR has made it possible for anyone to learn and use Astrophotography as their passion.

Photo by Jes Romero Instagram @jesromerophotography

1.Choosing your camera
This can be a tricky option on which camera to choose for Astrophotography. There are a number of DSLR cameras available in the market. You might be left with a dilemma for the right camera and right configuration of your photography device. You can go through few popular brands like Nikon, Canon, and Sony and do some background research. Nikon is renowned for some quality products they have launched. The choice is yours for getting your camera. You can look for a lens with wide field of view that will not let you miss any shooting stars at the night time. Once you choose your camera and lens it’s now your turn to look for a steady tripod. You can look for a sturdy tripod so that your Astrophotography is not ruined because of some reason like a shaky tripod. The sky is open and you will see some rare views that may never return until hundred years. So, make sure you choose a perfect camera, lens, and tripod for the occasion.

2.Know your Camera
You might think you are ready to go and start shooting once you have your equipment. You are fooling yourself. It is nighttime and you must have proper knowledge on using your camera during the night. Use of flash may ruin your photo shoot completely. So make sure you will go through most of the functions of a camera before you go out for Astrophotography. The better you know your device you can take perfect pictures. Not only adjustment of ISO is something you must learn, but there are other features like using white balance, using LCD that can tilt, and much more. The time of Astrophotography is awkward, so it is better to go prepared.

Photo by Ramil Sunga Instagram @ramilsunga27

3.Calculate your shutter speed
Please understand that number matters the most in Astrophotography. It is night time and you must prepare yourself and know the exact time gap you will have to see any shooting star. You can calculate the shutter time by using the 500 rule. If you have a 24mm lens in your camera then you can find the shutter time by dividing 500 by your lens length 24mm i.e. 500/24 = 20.8 seconds. So, it means you have a 20.8 seconds shutter speed for noticing a trail of any shooting stars. This time is the maximum time you can have. To understand more about “500 Rule” you can read it here.

Try reaching your desired location before sunset and go around looking the place. This will give an idea of the place and you can find a perfect location for the photo shoot during the night. You do not want to wander in an unknown place during night time. So make a plan to reach the place on time and know the trial to move around. There are several apps like Star Chart and Sky Walk Lite that help you to locate celestial objects in your photosphere. You can use these apps to find the perfect location. And the last thing you must include in your plan is the weather. It is useless to go out there if it’s raining or cloudy.

5.Managing Focus in the night
You will find that the camera’s viewfinder does not work well in the night. It is obvious as there is limited light. The one way of tackling this is using your camera in a Live Feed mode and trying to focus towards the sky or you can use a flashlight to focus. This way you can locate what you are looking for. Now you can continue to zoom on the stars and get the perfect view. This hit and trial method is the only way to get the perfect focus on the celestial object during night time.

6.Editing Photos
Capturing photos during the night is fun, but this is just the half of what you are going to enjoy. You must process your images well to bring life in them. There are no particular rules for processing images, but usually, there are two approaches. You can use the artistic view for the image or scientific view, as per your desire. You can use different photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. It is up to you on how you want to edit your images.

Photo by Glenda Basa Instagram @glenda.basa

Astrophotography is done during the night time. This is already a concern for safety during the night. You must ensure you reach the destination on time and never drive when you are tired. You must watch out for wild animals and make sure you are in a safe location while doing your photo shoot. Your safety must be your first concern.
These tips are just the way to kick-start your Astrophotography plan. You must understand that until you go out yourself and be in the field, there are lots of things you are going to miss.

It is always advisable to do things in real. You will find that Astrophotography is easy when you read the different tips on the internet but once you are in the field and with your camera you will find that it is actually difficult. Once you start your passion for your work will slowly start rewarding you. The best practice can be done on the field and with your equipment. However, we will suggest you do some research on different aspects of Astrophotography. This will make your life easier in the field.

You must be able to operate your camera with perfection and this is the only way you can do the best Astrophotography or any other photoshoot. It is a difficult time in the night, hence your preparedness is a must when it comes to Astrophotography.

Want to share your tips for astrophotography? Leave a comment below.



DJI Spark Drone – Review

DJI Spark Drone – Review

DJI Spark Droneis the latest innovation from DJI, a small-sized compact drone that can be a handy stuff with a lot of features and functionality in a tiny little size. It can be a perfect drone for the beginners.


Price, performance, usability, and portability are the four features that you need to consider before buying a new drone. We will intersect each feature for this new spark drone and let you know what are the pros and cons of this new launch by DJI.

Price: With the price of just $499 this is the cheapest drone DJI has ever launched. With this rate, there are very few drones of this capability in the market. This will be a perfect buy for the new users who are looking for a limited budget drone to start their photography. This is also a perfect fit for travelers who are planning to go for a vacation and looking forward to some photography while they travel.

Usability: This spark drone does not require a remote control or any mobile application to handle it and can be easily handled with the hand gestures. You can simply launch the drone from your hand and can control its movement with the hand gestures. The control with a simple hand gesture is possible because of the computer vision built in the drone makes it possible to see you and your response or command once you let it go from your hand. You can simply control the drone by movement of your hands. This is a magical control for a drone and it works really well. But since you do not use a remote control and sometimes there might come an instance where you give a command and suddenly your drone starts flying away. This is not a good sign especially if you are a beginner. This drone can be controlled using mobile app as well. Your mobile can have an app with the little thumbstick on mobile you can fly your drone but it is not ideal. Your hand gesture control is a better option for this drone. The drone also allows computer vision for tracking subjects. You can draw a little box around yourself then this drone will follow you and dodge any obstacles on the way.

Portability: Spark drone from the DJI is the winner in this category as is about the size of a smartphone and weighs very little even with an extra battery. The spark has a visual position on it that enables to hold its ground when it very near even without GPS signal. With the rotor guard that can snap on makes it safe for the fingers if you accidentally bump into it. It is light enough to take enough height but can also be used inside your home during your family gathering. Portability is something spark drone from DJI will make you just go for it.

Performance: It is a small drone making space for a small battery. It lasts for about 16 minutes with the full charge and it may lower down to 10-12 minutes if there is some extreme flying condition. It can be charged with micro USB that you use for smartphones and tablets. Due to its small size, it might struggle against a strong wind. You can use some cool features from the drone app to make your video awesome but since you can connect with Wi-Fi only there will be limited options to use this feature. The spark drone takes 12mp still and ADP video. This quality is ok for beginners with upload in Instagram but this is definitely not a professional grid. But with that cheap price what they have offered you is a perfect blend of size and performance.

There are other rival brands who offer this similar services but they cost much high than the spark. For beginners, there cannot be a better option than this with cheap price and so many features combined in the drone. However, if you are a professional photo and video maker than this drone might not be something you are looking for. Below we will summarize some pros and cons of spark drone from DJI.
Small and compact size
Best buy in this pricing range
Autonomous flight with 2 sonar sensors
Has vision positioning sensor on the bottom of the drone that does not require GPS to work
Avoids collision with anti-collision sensor
Durable plastic
Available in many color options
Intelligent flight modes
A little short battery life
Doesn’t shoot 4K videos, rivals have this feature in its competitor range
Drone arms are not foldable.

Remote Controller for DJI Spark Drone

Spark Remote Control

Although the spark drone can be controlled easily and effectively with the hand you can use a remote control device to operate this drone as well. Usually, you will not get the controller with the cheap package for the drone and you need to pay extra for the controller. The fun of using a controller is something you may want to experience. The controller comes with Wi-Fi signal transmission system that enables the control of your aircraft up to the range of 2 KM. This controller can connect to a mobile device as well and display live video feed with the help of DJI GO 4. The life of remote controller battery is around 2.5 Hrs. The controller can reach out to its maximum range only in wide open areas with no electromagnetic interference.

Final Verdict
This drone is one of the toughest drones you will come across. Designed in the much-sophisticated way this drone has very little chance of damaging itself even if it crashes. It might not be the smallest drone of this range with other competitors having much small and compact drone with similar price range. But please note that with all the techs and specifications it carries this drone is much better in many aspects than its competitors.
You would prefer this drone if you are set to travel with aim of having some spectacular photo and video shoot during your travel. You can charge this drone with Wi-Fi charger and that makes it easy to charge it and with the box that perfectly fits it to carry your journey will be hassle-free. You can use its sensors to protect it from the collision and from hitting the ground while you shoot your photo and video. You have the right opportunity to jump into the drone world with very cheap rate offered. You can use the opportunity to practice all the techniques of flying drone and capturing some breathtaking photos with it. It makes you easy to take pictures from different topology with an easy fly around and with more than 16 minutes of fly time the spark drone can go to some little journey of the photo shoot. The small size makes it a perfect gig for travelers.

There you have it! If this article convinces you to have one, get it now!

Or simply browse for more DJI products.

Tips For A Better Food Photography

Tips For A Better Food Photography

Search for the hashtag #food on Instagram and you will find over 84 million images – food photography is definitely catching on, which is why I’m sharing tips for better food photography to help you catch up with the trend.

Taking photos is one way of savouring the experience of eating delicious and gorgeous-looking food. And of course, the whole food photography experience is not complete if you don’t share it with others by posting it online – that’s the easiest and fastest way – plus, the likes you get is such an ego boost.

Now, you can hop on the bandwagon by using these simple tips for better food photography.



This is one of the most basic and important of all the tips for better food photography. It’s perfectly okay to have artificial lighting, but natural light helps you make your food look more natural and tasty. Take a photo of your food where natural light is abundant. Shoot near a window, near an open door, and even outside. Daylight is the best light that you can use to get great food photos. However, when you feel like you want more light, or a different kind of light or if you just want take more control your light, then using artificial lighting such as LEDs, fluorescents and studio strobes is perfect to fit your creative purposes.



You have to know what kind of photo style or mood you want to send across your audience. I usually go with my favourite mood: bright and jolly; this usually goes along well with pastries and desserts. You can also opt to go for the relaxing and chill mood; usually used for coffee, fruits and sandwiches.

You can go for the dark and heavy mood; usually used in shooting chocolate and wine. Once you pick a photo style / mood, stick to it. Knowing your style or mood will help you choose the elements or details that you would want to include in your photo.



The background you pick will definitely affect the overall outcome of your photo. I suggest that you keep your background simple so that the focus would be on the food and not on something else. Make sure your background is clean and that there are no food smudges or crumbs (unless if you placed them there intentionally). If you want to use backdrops you can, just as long as it complements the food and reflects the style or mood you want to portray.



Props always help your image look more interesting and delicious.

Just like the background, your props must not take the attention away from your food; they must complement the food. Don’t clutter your photo too; using one to two props is enough. For me, silver utensils usually make a great prop.

Not only does silver reflect and direct more light to your image, but it also highlights some features that will help make your photos pop.




Food always look its best when it’s freshly cooked – there’s steam, it’s not melting, its colours have not yet changed. You want to capture food when it is at its most appetizing. This means that you have to anticipate and prepare for what you want to achieve before your food arrives. Set your camera ahead of time, clear your table and get ready to shoot. Besides, you don’t want to take too much time taking photos instead of actually eating your food, right?



The focal point of your photo is the food itself. The problem is, getting the best angle could be very tricky. According to experts, it is always effective when you bring your subject forward; it naturally draws the viewer in to the rest of the frame. You can also get better shots by shooting down close to the plate or slightly above it. When all else fails, you can always do an overhead shot and give your viewer the whole scene.



 You can rearrange your food, slice it, let it melt, and you can even dig in then take a shot of the half-finished plate; anything that will make your image more appetizing. When it comes to digitally editing the photo, I usually adjust the brightness and contrast, saturation, hue, and vibrance. It’s all up to your creativity and style!

Food photography does not always have to be hard and only done by experts.

Stay inspired by looking at magazines, cookbooks and even menus, to see how the experts do it. I hope these tips can help in your pursing your passion for food photography.

What are your food photography tips?

Feel free to share them in the comments section.


Photography Quotes

Photography Quotes

Here is a collection of the remarkable photography quotes.

1.Photographers have to deal with a lot of crop


2.I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like.

3.Yes I know that if my logo is in the middle of the photo it is harder for you to crop it out.

4.Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

5.When life gets blurry adjust your focus.

6.It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.

7.You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.

8.Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.

9.Photographers are violent people. First they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall.

10.The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness.

11.Photography – the best cure for a bad memory.

12.When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.

13.There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.

14.A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it.

15.Skill in photography is acquired by practice, not by purchase.

If you have another inspiring photography quote send it in!

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5 Free Photography Apps That Will Make You Like A Pro

There are many awesome new photography apps that are worth downloading!

If you’ve always got your phone out to capture everything around you, these apps will eventually come in handy.



On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

VSCO Cam is the best way to shoot, edit, and share all of your photographs.

You can find and follow other creative artists around the world and post/share your photos with them!

What’s AWESOME about this app?

The number of followers, comments, and like are totally absent from the platform. That’s because beautiful imagery trumps your “social rank.” You can publish all your original content to your Journal to inspire others, while exploring others to find your own inspiration.

This is just one of many new photography apps that’ll have you feeling like a pro.





On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This app can only be described in one word…


With this app, you can capture and share what you see and how you feel at any moment.

The app allows you take a photo with front and back camera and share it in one single image!

I can’t even begin to tell you how long I’ve wanted this to be possible.

You can post the photo in real time and then explore other feeds from around the world.

You can also interact with the app’s community by leaving a photo or 5 second video reaction to their Frontback photo!




On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Wanna collaborate with top photographers?

Looksee makes it possible!

In the Filter Pack Marketplace, you can apply unique photographic style to your photos and then share them instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media account!




On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

With EyeEm, you can shoot, edit and get creative with your photography. The app features unique filters and effects that allow you to connect with new talents! You can also discover and follow new album based on your interests!




On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

On the app, you can choose between a huge collection of filters that are beloved by fellow photographers.

You can freely adjust the strength of the filters and use them in real-time to capture whatever you’re seeing!


Well, there you have it.

These are just five out of many awesome new photography apps that will have you feeling like a professional!

Have you downloaded any of these?

Which photography apps can’t you get enough of?