Healthy Travel – Top 8 Helpful Tips

Healthy Travel – Top 8 Helpful Tips

You can easily get sick and your health degrades while you are on your travel. You may fall into the holiday trap with extra calorie meal and limited exercise. You must always make enough preparation so that you will not have any fatigue or health hazards while you are traveling. It is important because you will be in a new place and no one to take care of you. The health system may be different than your country and your insurance program may not work there. To avoid all these tricky situations you must stay fit during your travel. Below are few tricks that you can follow for healthy travel.

1.Know about grocery and healthy restaurant, research before you travel

It will be ideal to research and find out about the place you are about to travel. Try to locate grocery stores and this makes it easy to stock up your grocery once you arrive at your destination. While you look for your accommodation try to find a place with a fridge and this will help your food preserve. You will find it easier to locate all groceries and other essential food stores if you know about the place prior your travel.

2.Plan healthy breakfast and lunch

While you are on a travel it is important that you make a structured plan for each day and this gives you ample time to see all the fascinating and majestic views of the city. You can take regular breaks with pre-planned breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings. If you can prepare your own breakfast and lunch you can always control what you eat and make something healthy for yourself. If you do not have access to kitchen and fridge then it is ok for you to go around and find some restaurant offering healthy food. Try something new for the day with good nutritional value. If you are satisfied with the quality of breakfast you can even ask for a packaged lunch from that particular restaurant.

3.Sleep enough

You are on a vacation and you may be taking this opportunity to explore the place to the optimum but while you go around looking for something in this new city make sure you do not hamper your health. While you are in your transit or arrive your destination getting 7-8 hours is essential for your health. Once you are in your destination make a plan for enough sleep as your immune system stays strong and recovery stays on track. You will be tired and ample sleeping time gives you freshness for next day and keeps you healthy as well.

4.Make time for exercise and workout

You read it right, make some time for your workout and exercise. Burn your fats and sweat enough even if you are on your travel. The reason is simple, you do not want to add extra pound by the time you finish your holiday and get sick while you are on vacation. You can ask for your hotel if they have any gym or find some local exercise clubs for work-out. If none of this option is available you can do your own workout. Find some space within your room and try some basic sweating exercise like push-ups, sit-ups, and squat to keep yourself in good shape.

5.Drink enough water

Staying hydrated is key while you travel to those places that are more humid than your country. You should always make sure to pack an extra bottle of water while you are going out to a hotter place. While traveling, make sure you get enough water on the flight and transit as well. You can always be confused for being thirsty to be ravenous and eat a lot. Getting enough water for your body can help you prevent you from eating more. Water has many health benefits and you can stay healthy while you travel by drinking enough water.

6.Pack your own meals and snacks

There cannot be better food than the food from home. You can avoid unhealthy food during your travel and transit. Having your own food saves money as well and you know what you are eating. Declare any food at the airport once you arrive and you need to make sure you checked all the rules about bringing a food item to that particular country before you pack your food.  If you get your room with the kitchen then make sure you utilize this opportunity and prepare your own meal. You can carry your lunch box while you go for the city tour and avoid spending money on food. You can eat your own healthy food with no time wasted for ordering in a restaurant.

7.Walk, walk, and walk

You can get many benefits from walking around. You will save money on transportation, you will know the place better and you will stay healthy. Get a map and start exploring the place, get lost and get found, add excitement to your travel. You should be cautious while you walk in the dawn or evening time depending on the place where you are spending your holiday. But don’t miss the opportunity to sweat while you go around looking at the majestic views.

8.Bike rental

You can burn your calories while you are on vacation. The Bike can give you an opportunity to cover more ground and explore the place more than you expected. Many cities will have bike-friendly roads and tracks that you can use to go around. Grab your bag-pack and go for a picnic while you burn your calories. You are on a travel and you would not mind exploring new places. You have the option of doing some research on bike tour while you ride around the city.

You have to be extra cautious if you have extra dietary needs and make arrangements accordingly. Your health should be your priority no matter where you travel. You do not want to return back sick while you should be enjoying your vacation. Make sure you check all the health requirement from the country and get vaccinated if necessary. You must carry all your medication and some basic first aid items while you are on a holiday trip.

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How To Earn Money With ShareASale?

How To Earn Money With ShareASale?

What is ShareASale? It is an affiliate marketing network where the affiliates and the merchants are the two key players of this marketing strategy. ShareASale connects site owners and retailers in a powerful and profitable way. Merchants can upload their product link and banners to their ShareASale account and offer a bounty for sales referred. Affiliates set up link or banners to merchant’s product or website on their pages. track when a consumer/user but through the retailer site and share your earnings in real time. ShareASale has been trusted website for both merchants and affiliates for more than 20 years now. The two players of the marketing strategy need two more elements to run their affiliate program and business.

  • Affiliate Software: They are either self-hosted or software program used for affiliate marketing. Some popular examples are ShareASale, ClickBank etc.
  • Affiliate marketplace: Marketplace for affiliates to discover new opportunities for joining the affiliate program and make earning.

How to use ShareASale?

How do you join ShareASale and get benefits from different affiliate program associated with it? It is very simple to sign up the process that you need to complete and unlock the wonders of affiliate marketing. You can join ShareASale as merchant or affiliate depending on the nature of your business. You can simply follow the below steps to join this wonderful platform.

1.You can first sign up for and complete the registration process.

2.You can provide your website detail or Facebook page as the primary affiliate.

3.If you find any confusion while registration simply answers as “No”.

4.Once complete your application will take some time to get approved. You will receive an email.

Now you are ready to use and can explore for more options. ShareASale has options to sign up for specific affiliate program available in ShareASale as well. Meaning, if you want to do business with one particular merchant and its products you can sign up for this program. This makes you easy to work with one merchant. You can simply search and look for that particular merchant in and join their program by clicking the join program button. You are asked by most of the merchants to describe how you are planning to promote their products and to read and agree on the program agreement before you actually join their program. You will receive an email within 1-2 days or sometimes within the same day if you have been approved or declined.

You can use the link for a particular program by searching for the link easily on the website. Once you become a regular user of this program and start to make money you can also invite other users. For this, it is advised to use their two-tier text link and banners. You will receive an additional commission from the sign-up and sales of those affiliates you invited.

How ShareASale works? How does it track your work?

You might be wondering how does ShareASale keeps track of your activity and send you your earning when your link has been clicked to do some buying. Here we shall explain the technical aspects of ShareASale workflow.

Once you click your affiliate link your browser take a short visit to A tracking cookie is installed and maintained in your browser. This cookie keeps track of every sale that happens in final destination via your link. Browser than redirects to the final destination, where tracking cookies will help to track any sales that visitor makes at affiliate site and this will give you the credit. The ShareASale affiliate cookies will last for 90 days and they are automatically renewed.

ShareASale and Travel business

If you have a travel website and business than it will be nice for your business to prepare for travel season by joining some popular travel merchants available at Below are some popular travel merchants for your ease and reference.

  • Endless Vacation Rentals: It is a direct-to-customer vacation rental business that has served more than four million families traveling each year with access to more than 200,000 properties in nearly 100 countries around the globe. You can sign up for their affiliate program and promote your business and make your business grow.
  • Smart Destination: They provide passes with some attractive offers attached with the pass. They offer service for fun, convenience and savings especially for sightseeing and have flexible purchase options for travelers. Join their merchant and your business and users can benefit with a lot of offers.
  • CityPass: Popular for vacation in the city of North America. Entrance free or you can get a ticket with low prices in most of the attractions available in North American cities.
  • Tours4fun: providing online purchase for almost all travel needs. It provides with online superstore with varieties of selection and best deals for your users.

You can find other merchant programs in for your vacation season. You can promote and extend your business with the help of such merchant program by joining their program. It also becomes a good source of income for you and your business.

Affiliate programs are not always safe option to join as you may be tipped for some false program to waste your time and effort. You need to make sure you have enough background research on any affiliate program you want to join. Make sure they are genuine and payments are made to you without any hassle. Below is the list of merchants that I have joined with:

  • DJI – know as the market leader in easy-to-fly drones and aerial photography systems.
  • KelbyOne – photography online courses and services
  • SmugMug – makes it easy to safely store, share, and sell your photos online. Gorgeous, secure, online photo sharing and photo websites.
  • Viator: one of the biggest online service provider for sightseeing tours, theatre tickets, theme parks and other numerous private experiences at your destination of choice.

ShareASale has an opportunity for your blogs to make your pocket money with simple banners and links attached. You can make the users shopping experience a wonderful one by advertising some of the best online merchants and in the same time make money as commission. You can promote your business as well with affiliates promoting your business via their blogs and Facebook pages as well. ShareASale is easy to use as it lets you promote your business even if you do not have a website with your social media pages. It is your choice to make which affiliate program you think will benefit you the most and at the same time, you must be cautious not to be choosing the wrong or fake one.

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7 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Astrophotography – Beginners

7 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Astrophotography – Beginners

7 Helpful Tips and Tricks for Astrophotography for Beginners

Have you been eager to capture the night sky with your DSLR? The fascinating source of inspiration for camera gigs like shooting a beautiful night with millions of star and clear sky. You can grab the opportunity and capture some breathtaking photos. All you need is a DSLR camera, your passion for photography and a perfect night. We shall guide you on how you can use your DSLR camera to capture the astonishing view of the faraway galaxy. DSLR has made it possible for anyone to learn and use Astrophotography as their passion.

Photo by Jes Romero Instagram @jesromerophotography

1.Choosing your camera
This can be a tricky option on which camera to choose for Astrophotography. There are a number of DSLR cameras available in the market. You might be left with a dilemma for the right camera and right configuration of your photography device. You can go through few popular brands like Nikon, Canon, and Sony and do some background research. Nikon is renowned for some quality products they have launched. The choice is yours for getting your camera. You can look for a lens with wide field of view that will not let you miss any shooting stars at the night time. Once you choose your camera and lens it’s now your turn to look for a steady tripod. You can look for a sturdy tripod so that your Astrophotography is not ruined because of some reason like a shaky tripod. The sky is open and you will see some rare views that may never return until hundred years. So, make sure you choose a perfect camera, lens, and tripod for the occasion.

2.Know your Camera
You might think you are ready to go and start shooting once you have your equipment. You are fooling yourself. It is nighttime and you must have proper knowledge on using your camera during the night. Use of flash may ruin your photo shoot completely. So make sure you will go through most of the functions of a camera before you go out for Astrophotography. The better you know your device you can take perfect pictures. Not only adjustment of ISO is something you must learn, but there are other features like using white balance, using LCD that can tilt, and much more. The time of Astrophotography is awkward, so it is better to go prepared.

Photo by Ramil Sunga Instagram @ramilsunga27

3.Calculate your shutter speed
Please understand that number matters the most in Astrophotography. It is night time and you must prepare yourself and know the exact time gap you will have to see any shooting star. You can calculate the shutter time by using the 500 rule. If you have a 24mm lens in your camera then you can find the shutter time by dividing 500 by your lens length 24mm i.e. 500/24 = 20.8 seconds. So, it means you have a 20.8 seconds shutter speed for noticing a trail of any shooting stars. This time is the maximum time you can have. To understand more about “500 Rule” you can read it here.

Try reaching your desired location before sunset and go around looking the place. This will give an idea of the place and you can find a perfect location for the photo shoot during the night. You do not want to wander in an unknown place during night time. So make a plan to reach the place on time and know the trial to move around. There are several apps like Star Chart and Sky Walk Lite that help you to locate celestial objects in your photosphere. You can use these apps to find the perfect location. And the last thing you must include in your plan is the weather. It is useless to go out there if it’s raining or cloudy.

5.Managing Focus in the night
You will find that the camera’s viewfinder does not work well in the night. It is obvious as there is limited light. The one way of tackling this is using your camera in a Live Feed mode and trying to focus towards the sky or you can use a flashlight to focus. This way you can locate what you are looking for. Now you can continue to zoom on the stars and get the perfect view. This hit and trial method is the only way to get the perfect focus on the celestial object during night time.

6.Editing Photos
Capturing photos during the night is fun, but this is just the half of what you are going to enjoy. You must process your images well to bring life in them. There are no particular rules for processing images, but usually, there are two approaches. You can use the artistic view for the image or scientific view, as per your desire. You can use different photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. It is up to you on how you want to edit your images.

Photo by Glenda Basa Instagram @glenda.basa

Astrophotography is done during the night time. This is already a concern for safety during the night. You must ensure you reach the destination on time and never drive when you are tired. You must watch out for wild animals and make sure you are in a safe location while doing your photo shoot. Your safety must be your first concern.
These tips are just the way to kick-start your Astrophotography plan. You must understand that until you go out yourself and be in the field, there are lots of things you are going to miss.

It is always advisable to do things in real. You will find that Astrophotography is easy when you read the different tips on the internet but once you are in the field and with your camera you will find that it is actually difficult. Once you start your passion for your work will slowly start rewarding you. The best practice can be done on the field and with your equipment. However, we will suggest you do some research on different aspects of Astrophotography. This will make your life easier in the field.

You must be able to operate your camera with perfection and this is the only way you can do the best Astrophotography or any other photoshoot. It is a difficult time in the night, hence your preparedness is a must when it comes to Astrophotography.

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How To Travel Without Much Money

How To Travel Without Much Money

You may be wondering about planning for travel but lack of money might leave you scratching your head. Don’t panic but continue your plan as we bring you a number of ways to travel with limited money in your pocket. You must plan ahead and plan well to get your travel go as planned. You must use different cost-effective approach to travel with less money. There is a number of elements that you must consider before you plan your travel.

If you have to travel via air, there are a number of techniques that you can use to find the cheapest airlines that can take you to your destination.

1. Check fares regularly: If you are determined to travel one thing you need to do is check for the airfare regularly. Be sure that the fare will drop eventually and that is the right moment for you to book your tickets with the lowest price. You can use sites that compare airfare and send you the updates regularly. I personally use in checking airfares.

2. Try using budget airlines: There are numbers of budget airlines that operate between US and Europe as well as other destination. You can try to book your trip on such budget airlines. While you travel inside Europe you can find regional discount airlines that are cheaper than other commercial airlines.

3. If possible drive: This option may not be practical for many of you but if you think it’s possible you can drive to your destination. Petrol is much cheaper than the air fuel. You can find a number of rental companies or even cross-border coach services that can be utilized to reach your destination.

4. While making your booking for hotels, if you are traveling in a group you can always explore the possibility of renting a house or a condo which might be cheaper than hotel rooms. Even if there are no options for booking house, go for cheap hotels that are affordable and provide you minimal service with rate within your budget. You can also find a number of websites where you can swap homes with someone from that part of the world where you are planning to travel. You can find a number of people who want to swap home for travel and if everything matches you can do the deal. This will be a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel. Check AirBnb and Booking for a discounted rate using my links. If you are planning to visit my beloved country, the Philippines try using TravelBook they have good offers too.

Destination, you can always change your mind and go for a bargain destination rather than the popular and expensive ones. There are other options to avoid chaotic and expensive tourist destination by going to a secondary destination as well. The secondary destination is those nearby cities with cheap hotel and food than the main tourist area. You can also show your cleverness by choosing off-season location or time for your travel. Using this technique you can go to travel your dream destination but you can save money exploring offseason offers. Usually, such destination does not have 100% occupancy during offseason because of which you might be lucky to spend your holiday with limited money.

Go Prepared: Your travel will be hassle-free if you are 100% prepared for it. Plan well and study well about the destination you are about to visit. If your plan is to stay for longer period of time then try getting passes for local transportation. You can also find out when the museums have a low entry fee or if any passes are available for tourist. Know about the place well, where you can dine for cheap. Get maximum information about the destination and try to find rates of all kind of services beforehand so that you do not have to be in trouble when you are at your destination.
If you want to travel with a limited amount of money, book fixed-cost trip. By doing so you will know beforehand what places you are going and what activities you will be doing during your travel. You can get detailed package information and you can plan your trip accordingly. Although fixed-cost trip has limited opportunity something is always better than nothing. You can still enjoy your holiday at your dream destination.

You would love to taste the delicious food when you are in travel, you can do that with some popular meal of the place but if you want to do a budget travel one way of enjoying your vacation with limited money is to cook food yourself. You can eat what you want to be preparing the food on your own. You can find hotels that will give you the utensils and let you cook.

Foods in Romania

If you are traveling in a group or you happen to meet someone during your travel you can even share your expenses. By doing so your cost will be reduced by half in many cases. You can hire a taxi and share your fare among yourselves.
When you say travel is expensive or you cannot travel because of your low-income job that is actually not a problem. You can use a logical way to save money for travel. You must first make travel your priority. Once you do this cut your expenses on other headings and save your money. Don’t go for unnecessary shopping or movies.

If you are a native English speaker with good English accent you can make your travel money by teaching English in your destination country. You can always find a voluntary job which can pay you some amount or give you some food and this is saving your money one way or the other.

Make your travel during weekdays not weekend. We all know people are in celebration mood during the weekend and services get expensive during the weekend. You might be able to find cheap food and drinks during weekdays. Museum and art gallery may charge you less as well.

You can see that there are numbers of ways to travel with less budget. It all depends on your preparation and planning. Always try to find the way to reduce your cost. You can enjoy within your limits.

Share your ways on how you travel without much money in the comment below.

How To Start A Travel Blog

How To Start A Travel Blog

Blogging, which is basically the sharing of information on a word wide web-hosted website has become the in thing in most countries and places in the world today. People search for various kinds of information online and the articles and news (as the case may be) that bloggers disseminate on their blogs eventually becomes the means by which this desire is met.

One of the very important niches of blogging is a travel blog. It deals with supplying information of places, experiences and real stories if the blogger had been there personally before. The essence of doing this is to inform potential travelers of the pros and cons of their intended places of the journey and to ensure maximum optimization of their time and resources on such journeys.

For anyone that really wants to start a meaningful and perhaps, lucrative travel blog website, certain things and steps have to be in place some of which are listed.

1. The Choice of Name

A good travel blog must carry a correspondingly good domain name. The name should focus on the type of travel information you wish to keep disseminating or the traveling experience you wish to have. An example of such domain name can go like this: This domain name makes it clear that you intend to keep sharing information on how to maximize a three week Europe visitation. It could also mean that you would be sharing your personal experience of a three weeks journey you have had traveling to European countries. Keep It (your proposed domain name) Short and Simple, KISS!

2. Determine How Your Blog would be Hosted

Hosting is a term used for the platform on which your expression would be aired. Just like everyone needs a house to stay, your information and files which you want to feed the world with must be housed. That is what is called hosting. You can choose from the array of hosts offering such service howbeit, you would have to pay some amounts as your rental fee every year. Some of these hosts include Bluehost and WP engine. Generally speaking, because of the relatively cheap price, the Bluehost is highly recommended for beginners.

3. Install WordPress Software on Your Computer

If you want to self-host your blog on WordPress such that instead of your domain name ending in or, you can simply get something like this: your domain name. com, You can get this done on WordPress with your activated Bluehost account. Simply open the installation link on your blue host account and do so. If it asks where you would like to install it, simply enter your domain name. Once this is done, you will be able to log in to WordPress with your created username and password.

4. Get to Know How to Use WordPress

Since you will have to upload information on your WordPress constantly, it is paramount that you learn how things are done. In all honesty, you really do not need to hire anyone to teach you this. Just go online and search for material on WordPress usage and you will have abundant information to guide you through

5. Use a Professional Blog Theme

Although WordPress blog comes with plenty of themes for your use, they may not be what you need to get public attention which would eventually yield money. You may have to subscribe to the premium version which is around 25 to 80 USD. Professional themes sort of add flavor to your blog.

6. Get Some Useful Plugins such as Wptouch, WP optimizer, Yoast SEO, Akismet and the rest

Set up your page by writing a brief but captivating “about yourself page”. This where you sell yourself and your blog. Here is where you start making people realize what you stand for. Once, you have done this, you are good to go on your travel blogging. You may, however, need to update yourself by taking some courses in the niche.

Bluehost – An In-Depth Review For Hosting Your Website

Bluehost – An In-Depth Review For Hosting Your Website

Bluehost is one of the oldest web host providers that started its business around 1986. One of the pioneer when it comes to WordPress hosting. Being in the business for more than 20 years it offers reliable hosting services with different plans and scheme. Bluehost is a web host provider company that has been recommended by many websites as one of the best in the business. Bluehost has been upgrading its services since its establishment. It can be a choice of hosting your website because it has cheaper rate and awesome service. Bluehost is officially recommended web hosting company for WordPress.You can always find it difficult to choose the best web hosting service provider when you are new in the business. There is a number of Web hosting Companies that can host your websites with different plans and packages available. Depending on your website and its requirements you can choose one of those and let your website go live.

You can always find it difficult to choose the best web hosting service provider when you are new in the business. There is a number of Web hosting Companies that can host your websites with different plans and packages available. Depending on your website and its requirements you can choose one of those and let your website go live.

If you are planning to a start up a new travel business and want to show your services online for your probable users then you can plan to use Bluehost as your web host provider. You can make a WordPress website as it can be the best option for you and your business. WordPress has a number of Plugins available that can be customized easily to add on your website. For someone who is planning a startup travel business, this can be the best web host provider as you can use this service for a very cheap price. You can use the service as a trial and if this is not satisfying you can think about changing your host.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

While we are doing the in-depth analysis and review there is always a necessity to define the pros and cons of the particular product. Here we shall discuss the pros and cons of Bluehost.


Rate: If you are a startup business owner it is well within your budget limit to use this service.

Reliability: Reliable in a sense that it has minimal downtime even after hosting a large number of domains.

Extra charge: You do not have to pay any hidden charges and need not worry about extra charges than specified rates.

Free domain: You are offered a free domain name for one year after you sign up for their services.


There are some disadvantages that you might want to see before you sign up.

  • Domain renewal charge is higher than average.
  • They have many upsell process during sign up but they can be unchecked if not required.
  • There is cheaper web hosting companies available for who wants to host a simple website without any activities or services.

Performance Check

One of the major metrics that you can consider while checking the performance of any web hosting company is speed. Please note that speed is very important aspect when it comes to improving your WordPress SEO ranking. Studies have shown that 1second drop of your website can decrease the conversion rate for your page by 7%. Your traffic can decrease by 50% if the dropout is 3 second. Different study has shown that one-second delay in page load time can cause

  • 7% loss in conversion
  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

You can now understand why it is necessary to have a good hosting company that can provide you with good speed. Bluehost has a good speed and can be a reliable web hosting service provider.

Plans and Features of Bluehost

A quick overview of what Bluehost offers you with a brief description:

  • Shared hosting: It starts with a cheap rate and offers unlimited domains, data transfer, emails, and hosting with everything you are looking for.
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Sector hosting is available with different plans range in value and price and contains all features for making it flexibility.
  • Dedicated hosting: With dedicated servers and all the features required for a perfect website this plan is the best option for you.
  • Cloud hosting: A much needed reliable upgrade to shared hosting. It gives your website with multiple servers that help your website to switch servers during high traffic and other issues that may delay loading your page
  • WordPress hosting: This is a special hosting package designed specifically to host WordPress websites.
  • Woo Commerce hosting: a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This hosting allows starting online store easily with WordPress. The best package to start your e-commerce store.

You will be charged at different rates depending on the plan you choose to host your website. They come in 3 different categories; Basic, Plus, and Premium. You can see features for all these packages and choose the best one for your website.

Support and Customer Service

Bluehost has dedicated customer service and support system. They have a lot of articles along with guides, tutorials for easing the customer support services. They offer 24/7 customer service. One notable lacking may be a ticket based system.

Is Bluehost right choice for you?

If your travel website is a WordPress site then the answer is, yes. It is official recommended web hosting provider by WordPress. There are numbers of websites that have ranked Bluehost as number one web hosting services provider. With all kind of detailed analysis, it can be recommended to use as your hosting service provider. There are users who have reviewed this hosting service as a five-star service.

Bluehost has been in the industry for long-time and it has been as one of the best web hosting company today. When it comes to WordPress sites than it has been recommended as an official web hosting partner. If you are a new business firm and looking for a cheaper option to trial for your website than Bluehost gives you the right option. They give you 30 days payback and this is very useful to check their service with very less amount of investment. Their 24/7customer service makes them user-friendly web hosting company. Depending on your business type and your budget this can be a very reliable option to host your website.




How To Travel Like A Local

How To Travel Like A Local
Glenda –  Dubai Sand Dunes

Traveling like a local can reward us with the most authentic travel experiences. It gives us a peak into a way of life that is completely different than our own, which is one of the greatest gifts of traveling! Sometimes it’s the tourist hotspots that ironically end up being our worst travel experiences. The influx of people can cause the quality to downgrade and the massive crowd can just ruin the moment all together.

Traveling like a local can be difficult though, especially when popular travel sites like TripAdvisor are dominated by tourists only. However, with the right resources, it’s actually much easier than you’d think!

If you’re someone that likes to dabble in local culture and discover hidden gems when traveling, all you need to do is utilize these resources below, and you’ll be set! They’ll help you find anything you need from authentic restaurants and accommodation to unforgettable activities and hangouts. You name it!

Follow this guide and you’ll become an expert in traveling like a local!

Restaurants & Bars

Ditch TripAdvisor & use FourSquare!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.05.14 AM

Remember FourSquare? It may seem like a fad that came and went, but it’s actually one of the best resources for traveling like a local! As an app that many locals use to simply check in to places for points, it has overtime become a map of every city’s local favorites!

Countless times I’ve used TripAdvisor to find top-rated restaurants, but the most authentic spots I’ve found are always through FourSquare! If you aim for places that have a score of 8 and higher it’s hard to go wrong! Use it on your computer or download the app to access it on the go.


Skip the hotel & stay in an AirBnB!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.33.40 AM

Booking with AirBnb is another way to experience a new city like a true local! Not only that, they’re usually much cheaper than hotels and come with great insider recommendations from your host!

Activities & Tours

Avoid the travel agencies & access unique recommendations from bloggers and travel magazines instead!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 2.48.21 AM


Travel agencies usually only offer “one size fits all” tours to travelers and many only care about making profit, rather than your individuals needs/interests. On the contrary, travel blogs and magazines can provide you with specific recommendations based on your travel style. Whether you’re a couple, family of 5, or solo traveler, you can find targeted suggestions for anything you want on these online sites! Plus, their main goal is to offer their readers new, worthwhile recommendations that can’t readily be found on popular tourism sites. That being said, you know you’re in good hands!

Some travel blogs I enjoy are Expert Vagabond, Two Monkeys Travel Group, and Nomadic Matt . When it comes to online travel magazines, my favorites are CNN Travel, Conde Naste, and Huffington Post travel section.

For All Things Off the Beaten Path 

Combine the last 3 resources & visit Like A Local Guide!

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 12.08.53 PM


Like a Local City Guide is a website made specifically for revealing worldwide native favorites in order to help you travel “like a local”!

This site has it all, especially since all the recommendations come from seasoned residents who know their city better than anyone!

I used this guide to find restaurants whenever I travel, and every recommendation was spot-on! They were responsible for giving me all my most authentic food experiences!


Get off the computer & go meet some locals!

Glenda – Photography Workshop – Romania


Don’t be afraid to ask around and interact with the city residents! This is the best, quickest, and easiest way to experience a city like a local- by simply becoming friends with them!

When I was in Romania, I attended activities like dancing in the street with the locals and a photography workshop with locals as well. I was even interviewed and featured in their local news.

with my Romanian friend Stela Cocarlea – Black Sea


If you know of any other resources to add to the list, I’d love to hear your comments below

How To Avoid Airline Scams

How To Avoid Airline Scams

Have you ever been a victim of sneaky airline scams? A lot of us learn the hard way that airlines aren’t always to be trusted! There’s a few tricks they play to squeeze out some extra pennies from their customers, and after booking countless flights, I’m very familiar with them all. From unnecessary add-ons, sneaky increased prices, and online scams, this list will keep you up-to-date on all the airline scams out there, as well as protect your money next time you book a flight!



Booking sites like Expedia are great for racking up member points and getting exclusive deals, but when it comes to booking flights, their fees can really add up. The majority of the money you spend booking a flight goes to the airline, so in order to make a profit, these booking sites up-sell tickets, and may even add an extra fee for using their site to book it with.

To avoid these added costs, use a booking site like Skyscanner instead, which allows you to book directly with the airline or with the cheapest booking site available, minus the crazy fees. In the photo above, you’ll see the difference between Skyscanner vs. Expedia and how much money you could potentially save on your next flight.




This airline trick is super sneaky!! In order to make an extra dime, airline companies may sell add-ons like seat preferences and checked luggage costs, when in person at the airport, they come completely free-of-charge!

For example, in AirAsia, I spent an extra $20 on checked luggage and an extra $10 on seat selection when booking online for every flight. I luckily forgot to purchase these one time and discovered it was completely free to check bags and choose your seat directly at the airport!



I’ve been lucky enough to never purchase a fake ticket online, but airlines report that they encounter fake tickets every week (sometimes every day!). There’s no sympathy if this happens either- you’ll be stuck in the airport having to buy another full-priced ticket!

In order to avoid these scams, never buy tickets off of sites like Craigslist and if going through a lesser-known booking site, make sure to read the reviews online before going through with the final transaction.



Yet another sly airline operation! I’m not even exactly sure how they pull this one off. Basically, booking sites will note the flights most frequently searched in your online history, and then increase the prices on their site accordingly. The idea is that you’ll most likely need to purchase a flight on the date you continually look up, and will be forced to buy one, regardless of the increased price. This means, the more you search a flight, the more likely the prices will raise!

So, always remember to clear your cache before booking a previously-searched flight!

Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Please mention them in the comments below if you do!

How to get OEC in 5 minutes?

How to get OEC in 5 minutes?

An Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is a requirement under POEA rules and regulations to help ensure that Filipino Overseas Workers (OFWs) are properly documented and protected. Only OFWs are required to get an OEC. Please be noted that only BM’s who are returning to the same employer and jobsite with existing record/s in the POEA database and BM’s hired through the Government Placement Branch are exempted from the OEC requirement starting September 2016.

Here I’m gonna show you the steps (with images) on how to get OEC as fast as 5 minutes! No need to queue!

1.Go to – for new users, make sure that you have an active email address and click SIGN UP. If you are already registered then click LOG IN.

2.After signing up, an email will be sent to your registered email address and you just need to click the link for confirmation.

3.After logging in, you will be asked to enter your last issued OEC number or Passport number. If no record is found, set an appointment.

4.If you want to set an appointment then you need to fill up the form which includes Personal Data, Contract Particulars, beneficiaries and upload photo. If record is found, update your Personal Data, Contract Particulars and upload photo. Click “Next Step” then ACQUIRE OEC.

5.Enter expected flight schedule.

Important Reminder:

  • Make sure you have a valid Visa or Passport 6 months from your intended departure.
  • The OEC validity is 60 days, your departure must be within that period.

6.Set an appointment. Click the available time slot you want your appointment. Please be there on time.

7.Select locations.


8.After setting an appointment, you will receive an email about your Information Sheet copy and you need to print it and take it with you on your appointment.

Important Reminder:

  • Bring original and photocopy of your Passport
  • Bring original and photocopy of your Visa
  • Bring original and photocopy of your Contract

9.Payment and update your OWWA, PAG-IBIG, SSS

10.Lastly, you need to log in again to Click My Transactions menu then OEC Requests and PRINT OEC(3 COPIES).

Now you’re ready to go! Don’t forget your passport. Happy trip Kabayan!