A Photography Exhibit by LightBenders: Kuwait Explored

A Photography Exhibit by LightBenders: Kuwait Explored

LightBenders Photography Group is one of the biggest Filipino photography clubs in Kuwait. The word “lightbenders” was adapted from the movie Air Benders. Established in 2011, the club was originally formed by a group of friends who share the same passion for photography. Thank you to the CORE of LightBenders namely:

  1. Chris Sanan 
  2. Ramil Sunga
  3. Diomil Dela Peña
  4. Rizalde Cayanan
  5. William Martinez
  6. Gener Reyes
  7. Jobz Torres     
  8. Aldrin Marin
  9. Ming Marbella
  10. Alex Bolado
  11. Bogs Dichoson
  12. Mickey Tolentino
The CORE of LightBenders

LightBenders was once a handful group of amateur photographers and now has grown into a club with currently 55 active and 106 registered online members. Our club is composed of talented members, of different specialties and fields in photography, who never ceases to learn and explore as well as willing to share and encourage each other to enhance our craft and keep the passion for photography alive.

LB has been active in different activities such as workshops, charity events, and exhibits. These are just some of the successful activities and events we had since LightBenders was established:

  • Chasing Light 1.0 by Jay Jallorina
  • Chasing Light 2.0 by Edwin Martinez
  • Lakshmi Wedding Photography
  • SnS (Sanan & Sunga) Portrait 101
  • Book of Elements
  • Avant Garde
  • La Resurrection
  • Enkantadia
  • Shoot for a cause for typhoon Ondoy victims
  • Shoot for a cause for typhoon Yolanda victims
  • Shoot for a cause – LB Sunrise
  • Shoot for a cause – A K.LI.K of Hope
  • Prelude Photography Exhibit
  • Kuwait Explored Exhibit

As a proud member of LB, and on behalf of LB Family, I am inviting everyone to check the beauty of Kuwait through a photographic exhibition entitled Kuwait Explored by the LightBenders, the exhibit will be held at Yarmouk Cultural Center, Kuwait on the 24th of November 2017 from 12:00 PM-08:00 PM. Tips, tricks, and Q & A will be served by the LB’s during the event. Photographs will be on sale and a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

For more information about the event, kindly contact our Core Founder and Adviser, Arch. Chris Sanan at cpsanan@gmail.com or our President, Mr. Roden Quintinio at denro_25@yahoo.com. Again, we are inviting you to come and see our exhibit.

Unity Shoot For A Cause By K.LI.K. (Kapisanan ng mga Litratistang Pilipino sa Kuwait)

Unity Shoot For A Cause By K.LI.K. (Kapisanan ng mga Litratistang Pilipino sa Kuwait)

Filipinos are known to have a big heart and so helping each other is not a new thing for us. We always unite in giving or sharing to anyone who needs help.

As we all know the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), it is an annual international health campaign to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure.

With the help of the event organizers, makeup artists, models, and photographers the unity shoot for the benefit of the Kabayan Cancer Support Group was a successful event with more than a hundred participants from different groups. It was entitled “A K.LI.K of HOPE” held on the 27th of October in Mahaboula, Kuwait. Thank you to the President of PINDOT, Mr. Job Rejante who contacted the other groups to participate and to Ms. Maxxy Santiago who was with us to cover the whole event.

Kapisanan ng mga Litratistang Pilipino sa Kuwait or K.LI.K is a collaboration of Filipino photography groups in Kuwait namely: Lightbenders, Maniniyot Kuwait, PIX, Kolab, Pinoy Snappers, and Pindot. K.LI.K. was created in order to build camaraderie and unity among the Filipino photography groups in Kuwait. This event was supported by AAB World and Pinoy Arabia FM.

  1. LightBenders
  2. PINDOT or Pinoy Digital Photographers in Kuwait
  3. Maniniyot Kuwait
  4. Pinoy Snappers
  5. KOLAB
  6. PIX or Pinoy Imagery Xpressionist

Here are some photos that were taken by different photographers during the event:

Photographer: Roden Quintinio of Lightbenders           Model: Jennicel Ann Tanguilig
Photographer: Glenda Basa of Lightbenders
Photographer: Peewee Barrozo of PINDOT          Model: Angelyn Cortez Espiritu
Photographer: Rphy Samstill of Kolab Models: Paula Marsha & Gabby Erica Bella
Photographer: Ramil Sunga of Lightbenders
Photographer: Alexis Deiparine of PIX Model: Jackie
Photographer: Laurencio V. Bulosan Jr. of Pinoy Snappers Model: Danica Raveno
Photographer: Marvic C. Lapastora of Kolab Model: Paula
Photographer: Florencio Ino of Pindot Model: Angelyn Cortez Espiritu

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DJI Spark Drone – Review

DJI Spark Drone – Review

DJI Spark Droneis the latest innovation from DJI, a small-sized compact drone that can be a handy stuff with a lot of features and functionality in a tiny little size. It can be a perfect drone for the beginners.


Price, performance, usability, and portability are the four features that you need to consider before buying a new drone. We will intersect each feature for this new spark drone and let you know what are the pros and cons of this new launch by DJI.

Price: With the price of just $499 this is the cheapest drone DJI has ever launched. With this rate, there are very few drones of this capability in the market. This will be a perfect buy for the new users who are looking for a limited budget drone to start their photography. This is also a perfect fit for travelers who are planning to go for a vacation and looking forward to some photography while they travel.

Usability: This spark drone does not require a remote control or any mobile application to handle it and can be easily handled with the hand gestures. You can simply launch the drone from your hand and can control its movement with the hand gestures. The control with a simple hand gesture is possible because of the computer vision built in the drone makes it possible to see you and your response or command once you let it go from your hand. You can simply control the drone by movement of your hands. This is a magical control for a drone and it works really well. But since you do not use a remote control and sometimes there might come an instance where you give a command and suddenly your drone starts flying away. This is not a good sign especially if you are a beginner. This drone can be controlled using mobile app as well. Your mobile can have an app with the little thumbstick on mobile you can fly your drone but it is not ideal. Your hand gesture control is a better option for this drone. The drone also allows computer vision for tracking subjects. You can draw a little box around yourself then this drone will follow you and dodge any obstacles on the way.

Portability: Spark drone from the DJI is the winner in this category as is about the size of a smartphone and weighs very little even with an extra battery. The spark has a visual position on it that enables to hold its ground when it very near even without GPS signal. With the rotor guard that can snap on makes it safe for the fingers if you accidentally bump into it. It is light enough to take enough height but can also be used inside your home during your family gathering. Portability is something spark drone from DJI will make you just go for it.

Performance: It is a small drone making space for a small battery. It lasts for about 16 minutes with the full charge and it may lower down to 10-12 minutes if there is some extreme flying condition. It can be charged with micro USB that you use for smartphones and tablets. Due to its small size, it might struggle against a strong wind. You can use some cool features from the drone app to make your video awesome but since you can connect with Wi-Fi only there will be limited options to use this feature. The spark drone takes 12mp still and ADP video. This quality is ok for beginners with upload in Instagram but this is definitely not a professional grid. But with that cheap price what they have offered you is a perfect blend of size and performance.

There are other rival brands who offer this similar services but they cost much high than the spark. For beginners, there cannot be a better option than this with cheap price and so many features combined in the drone. However, if you are a professional photo and video maker than this drone might not be something you are looking for. Below we will summarize some pros and cons of spark drone from DJI.
Small and compact size
Best buy in this pricing range
Autonomous flight with 2 sonar sensors
Has vision positioning sensor on the bottom of the drone that does not require GPS to work
Avoids collision with anti-collision sensor
Durable plastic
Available in many color options
Intelligent flight modes
A little short battery life
Doesn’t shoot 4K videos, rivals have this feature in its competitor range
Drone arms are not foldable.

Remote Controller for DJI Spark Drone

Spark Remote Control

Although the spark drone can be controlled easily and effectively with the hand you can use a remote control device to operate this drone as well. Usually, you will not get the controller with the cheap package for the drone and you need to pay extra for the controller. The fun of using a controller is something you may want to experience. The controller comes with Wi-Fi signal transmission system that enables the control of your aircraft up to the range of 2 KM. This controller can connect to a mobile device as well and display live video feed with the help of DJI GO 4. The life of remote controller battery is around 2.5 Hrs. The controller can reach out to its maximum range only in wide open areas with no electromagnetic interference.

Final Verdict
This drone is one of the toughest drones you will come across. Designed in the much-sophisticated way this drone has very little chance of damaging itself even if it crashes. It might not be the smallest drone of this range with other competitors having much small and compact drone with similar price range. But please note that with all the techs and specifications it carries this drone is much better in many aspects than its competitors.
You would prefer this drone if you are set to travel with aim of having some spectacular photo and video shoot during your travel. You can charge this drone with Wi-Fi charger and that makes it easy to charge it and with the box that perfectly fits it to carry your journey will be hassle-free. You can use its sensors to protect it from the collision and from hitting the ground while you shoot your photo and video. You have the right opportunity to jump into the drone world with very cheap rate offered. You can use the opportunity to practice all the techniques of flying drone and capturing some breathtaking photos with it. It makes you easy to take pictures from different topology with an easy fly around and with more than 16 minutes of fly time the spark drone can go to some little journey of the photo shoot. The small size makes it a perfect gig for travelers.

There you have it! If this article convinces you to have one, get it now!

Or simply browse for more DJI products.

Bluehost – An In-Depth Review For Hosting Your Website

Bluehost – An In-Depth Review For Hosting Your Website

Bluehost is one of the oldest web host providers that started its business around 1986. One of the pioneer when it comes to WordPress hosting. Being in the business for more than 20 years it offers reliable hosting services with different plans and scheme. Bluehost is a web host provider company that has been recommended by many websites as one of the best in the business. Bluehost has been upgrading its services since its establishment. It can be a choice of hosting your website because it has cheaper rate and awesome service. Bluehost is officially recommended web hosting company for WordPress.You can always find it difficult to choose the best web hosting service provider when you are new in the business. There is a number of Web hosting Companies that can host your websites with different plans and packages available. Depending on your website and its requirements you can choose one of those and let your website go live.

You can always find it difficult to choose the best web hosting service provider when you are new in the business. There is a number of Web hosting Companies that can host your websites with different plans and packages available. Depending on your website and its requirements you can choose one of those and let your website go live.

If you are planning to a start up a new travel business and want to show your services online for your probable users then you can plan to use Bluehost as your web host provider. You can make a WordPress website as it can be the best option for you and your business. WordPress has a number of Plugins available that can be customized easily to add on your website. For someone who is planning a startup travel business, this can be the best web host provider as you can use this service for a very cheap price. You can use the service as a trial and if this is not satisfying you can think about changing your host.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

While we are doing the in-depth analysis and review there is always a necessity to define the pros and cons of the particular product. Here we shall discuss the pros and cons of Bluehost.


Rate: If you are a startup business owner it is well within your budget limit to use this service.

Reliability: Reliable in a sense that it has minimal downtime even after hosting a large number of domains.

Extra charge: You do not have to pay any hidden charges and need not worry about extra charges than specified rates.

Free domain: You are offered a free domain name for one year after you sign up for their services.


There are some disadvantages that you might want to see before you sign up.

  • Domain renewal charge is higher than average.
  • They have many upsell process during sign up but they can be unchecked if not required.
  • There is cheaper web hosting companies available for who wants to host a simple website without any activities or services.

Performance Check

One of the major metrics that you can consider while checking the performance of any web hosting company is speed. Please note that speed is very important aspect when it comes to improving your WordPress SEO ranking. Studies have shown that 1second drop of your website can decrease the conversion rate for your page by 7%. Your traffic can decrease by 50% if the dropout is 3 second. Different study has shown that one-second delay in page load time can cause

  • 7% loss in conversion
  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

You can now understand why it is necessary to have a good hosting company that can provide you with good speed. Bluehost has a good speed and can be a reliable web hosting service provider.

Plans and Features of Bluehost

A quick overview of what Bluehost offers you with a brief description:

  • Shared hosting: It starts with a cheap rate and offers unlimited domains, data transfer, emails, and hosting with everything you are looking for.
  • VPS hosting: Virtual Private Sector hosting is available with different plans range in value and price and contains all features for making it flexibility.
  • Dedicated hosting: With dedicated servers and all the features required for a perfect website this plan is the best option for you.
  • Cloud hosting: A much needed reliable upgrade to shared hosting. It gives your website with multiple servers that help your website to switch servers during high traffic and other issues that may delay loading your page
  • WordPress hosting: This is a special hosting package designed specifically to host WordPress websites.
  • Woo Commerce hosting: a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This hosting allows starting online store easily with WordPress. The best package to start your e-commerce store.

You will be charged at different rates depending on the plan you choose to host your website. They come in 3 different categories; Basic, Plus, and Premium. You can see features for all these packages and choose the best one for your website.

Support and Customer Service

Bluehost has dedicated customer service and support system. They have a lot of articles along with guides, tutorials for easing the customer support services. They offer 24/7 customer service. One notable lacking may be a ticket based system.

Is Bluehost right choice for you?

If your travel website is a WordPress site then the answer is, yes. It is official recommended web hosting provider by WordPress. There are numbers of websites that have ranked Bluehost as number one web hosting services provider. With all kind of detailed analysis, it can be recommended to use as your hosting service provider. There are users who have reviewed this hosting service as a five-star service.

Bluehost has been in the industry for long-time and it has been as one of the best web hosting company today. When it comes to WordPress sites than it has been recommended as an official web hosting partner. If you are a new business firm and looking for a cheaper option to trial for your website than Bluehost gives you the right option. They give you 30 days payback and this is very useful to check their service with very less amount of investment. Their 24/7customer service makes them user-friendly web hosting company. Depending on your business type and your budget this can be a very reliable option to host your website.




Lazada’s Grand Christmas Sale is here!




December 7 – 12

Product SRP Campaign Price Discount
CHERRY MOBILE Flare S Play 16GB ₱4,999 ₱2,999 40%
SKK MOBILE Chronos Ace Plus 8GB ₱3,699 ₱2,379 36%
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ITECHIE 40″ Slim Wide Full HD TV ₱17,999 ₱9,999 44%
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SPARC Vibe 60watts Full Cinematic Soundbar ₱4,999 ₱1,799 64%
GOOGLE Chromecast Streaming Media Player ₱2,999 ₱2,099 30%
CREATIVE SBS-A120 Multimedia Speakers ₱1,599 ₱699 56%
STARMOBILE Engage Aura 14 Quad-Core Windows 10  ₱10,990 ₱7,999 27%
ACER Chromebook 11 11.6″ Chrome OS ₱13,500 ₱7,999 41%
GOPRO Hero5 12MP 4K Ultra HD ₱22,999 ₱18,999 17%
SRICAM SP009 720P HD Indoor Security Camera ₱4,999 ₱999 80%
EZY ES-66F 1.7 Cu.ft. Refrigerator ₱5,995 ₱3,199 47%
NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Oblo Machine with Free Box of Capsules   ₱4,425 ₱2,499 44%


Christmas Events 2016 in Asia

Christmas Events 2016 in Asia

Via Tynne De Leon

Are you looking to spend the holidays outside the country? If you haven’t decided where to head to yet, here are events to watch out for if you want to spend this year’s holidays in Asia.




A giant Christmas tree will grace the Statue Square starting December 2, so snap a photo with your family because the magical view will definitely be one for the frames.

You and bae can also seal your romance with the “Love Locks” and get serenaded by the angelic voices of a Christmas choir.

The Hong Kong Winterfest will run from November 25, 2016 to January 1, 2017.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, is another spectacle of fireworks and countdown celebrations. Be in your party mood all night as colorful lights will shower the Hong Kong sky.




Orchard Road will transform into a Christmas paradise; the street will be filled with lights and interactive booths for locals and tourists to enjoy. This “Christmas On A Great Street” will run from November 12, 2016 to January 2, 2017. For ravers, dive into ZoukOut, the all-night mega music festival on December 9, and experience the thrill and hype of the Singaporean nightlife.

Gardens by the Bay will also be in festive spirit with their Christmas Wonderland fair from December 2, 2016 to January 1, 2017. A wide selection of food, rides and attraction will fill the place, and now they’re expanding up to The Meadow.

The stylish Marina Bay Sands will host a New Year countdown, and you surely wouldn’t want to miss the 20,000 eye-catching wishing spheres, musical performances, bazaars and the traditional fireworks display. ‘Tis the perfect place to end the year!

South Korea



One of South Korea’s biggest theme park, Everland, holds an annual massive Christmas celebration that will surely make you book that South Korea trip now. This year highlights the “White X-mas Parade” featuring Christmas characters, special performances and carols in snow background. Thousands of colorful Christmas lights in various colors and designs will fill the area, sure to captivate every visitor with the amazing spectacle of lights and music. It will run from November 24 to December 31.

Lots of musical shows and Christmas character appearances will be held every night in the famous Lotte World. From November 12 to December 31, the place will transform into a land of fairy tale — complete with artificial snow!

The Seoulland theme park will also host a variety of holiday events, so watch out for gift-giving, playing with Santa and a lot more musical shows for the whole family.

On NYE, the Olympic Park transforms into a popular countdown venue, featuring great food, music and entertainment. On the next day, you can watch the first sunrise of the year at the Homigot Sunrise Festival in Pohang Beach.



Fireworks explode near the Malaysia's landmark Petronas Twin Towers during New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur

Head to Malaysia’s malls this holidays to experience their best shopping season. Aside from feasting your eyes with the display of festive lights, hoard lots of various items and branded products because it’s the much-awaited 1Malaysia Year End Sale from November 1 to December 31 throughout the whole country! And yes, they’re open even on Christmas and New Year.

You can also join the Christmas parades in Kuching City and Miri City, and witness the Malaysian holiday spirit with the music and performances. Make new friends while immersing in their joyful culture as thousands join these parades every year. And remember to wear a red shirt and blend in the Christmas crowd!

For an unforgettable year-ender, swing by the Kuala Lumpur City Center or The Petronas Towers on New Year’s Eve and witness their lively fireworks show.




In Yokohama, you can enjoy the Japan winter by skating in the “Art Rink” at the Red Brick Warehouse with the dreamy view of Minato Mirai. Be one of the firsts to watch the first-ever 180-degree projection mapping show at The Dockyard Garden, titled Dreamy Story of A Nutracker.

There will be shopping fiestas in Tokyo, like the Setagaya Boro-ichiHanakawado Hakidaore-ichi Shoe Market and Hagoita-ichi. Kyoto will also make you want to drain your wallet as their big downtown stores like the Daimaru and Takashiyama have big Christmas sales. Going out on a fancy date is quite a requisite to couples on this day, so make sure you have plans with your SO.

New Year, on the other hand, is a big winter holiday in Japan and is often more festive than Christmas. People and establishments do annual traditional events like the Oshogatsu in Morikami Museum where you can taste traditional food, watch open air koto performances and visit the historic gardens.

They say your New Year experience in Japan won’t be complete if you don’t join the crowd in Hatsumode festivities. It’s the annual first visit to a temple or shrine where you’ll see all the famous temples in a festive atmosphere.

They don’t do much fireworks on New Year’s eve, but you can still catch brilliant displays plus music shows in some places like the Universal Studios in Osaka, Tokyo Disneyland and the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Aquarium.



People all over Vietnam gather around the major churches at city centers such as Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi and Notre Dame Cathedral in Hoi Chi Minh during Christmas Eve. It’s a well celebrated tradition every year; that, as well as attending the midnight mass must be at the top of your Vietnam holiday itinerary.

The Vietnamese are known for their grand New Year’s celebrations, so whichever city you’re in, you’re guaranteed to have a New Year experience you won’t forget. All the cool bars will each have their unique parties on NYE. Check out these restaurants and bars that will help you welcome the New Year with a bang.

Got tips? Share them in the comments!

Blogger Alert: TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program

Blogger Alert: TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program


Booking a hotel online is one of the first popular uses of the internet to sweep the world. People realized they could check out hotels across the globe, look at great prices and explore resorts from the comfort of their own living rooms, they were hooked. I personally love to do this everytime I travel. As I was browsing for hotel bookings, I saw an ad of Travelbook.ph and luckily leads me to their affiliate program and I applied.

After 5 days I received an email from Travelbook.ph saying that my application to TravelBook.ph Affiliate Program has been approved. Yay!

With this post I will share the good news to all bloggers out there who wants to start earning by simply using their own websites. But first, you need to know more information about TravelBook.ph such as:

What is TravelBook.ph?

TravelBook.ph is an online hotel booking service dedicated to offering great value hotel booking for every Juan. They offer a varied selection of Philippine hotels and resorts in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay,Zambales, and more. As TravelBook.ph gains ground, they will be venturing into providing reservations for other destinations in the Philippines.
TravelBook.ph started in 2010 as the largest online catalog for Philippine hotels and resorts with 3,500 listings.

After launching their online hotel booking service in 2013, they were geared for rapid growth: in the first four months alone they affiliated 600 partner hotels and averaged 185,000 unique visitors monthly. Now they have over 1,200 partner hotels and have reached a peak of 290,000 unique visitors monthly. They help their partners tap Summit Media and JG Summit’s massive market of online, offline, and corporate consumers of 9.6 million audiences and more.

About TravelBook.ph


TravelBook.ph is the fastest growing online travel e-commerce company (online travel agent or OTA) in the Philippines. They launched their service in March 2013, and they have been successful in increasing their numbers ever since.

Facebook Likes: 520,000++ (as of June 2016)
Listed Hotel Properties: 2,700++ (one of the biggest listings in the Philippines)
Company’s Annual Growth: More than 200%

TravelBook.ph was established by Recruit Holdings.

More than just being an online travel e-commerce company, TravelBook.ph aims to promote Philippine tourism by encouraging everyone to visit numerous beautiful destinations in the country. We believe that traveling must be included in everyone’s lifestyles for the following benefits:

  • – To gain new experiences
  • – To share priceless moments with friends or loved ones
  • – To strengthen family bonds
  • – To educate people about the destinations in the Philippines

TravelBook.ph would like to provide valuable travel experiences to all people in the Philippines. They aim to be the number one online travel agent in the country with a growing number of transactions and top-notch customer/partner hotel satisfaction.

Why book with TravelBook.ph?

  • You can easily book a hotel room using their website or through call center at (632) 662-1111.
  • You can pay with or without credit card with options like bank deposit, over the counter (OTC) banking, or bayad center. You can also pay at the hotel itself.
  • Customer service is available 24/7 to assist you anytime with your concerns.                 

Recruit Holdings is one of the biggest online media conglomerates in Japan and has been expanding globally for more than 12 years now. The company has a total of 162 subsidiaries all over the world, with consolidated sales of over PHP 3.5 billion. Aside from TravelBook.ph, Recruit Holdings also owns Jalan.net, the largest online travel agent in Japan; Mytour.vn in Vietnam; and Pegipegi.com in Indonesia.

Recruit is also the market leader for over 200 websites in various industries including housing, gourmet, beauty, and bridal. It is also the no. 5 human resource company in the world.

What is TravelBook.ph Blogger Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program under Travel Book Philippines Inc. (TravelBook.ph) allows you to generate revenue by referring customers through your website. By joining as an Affiliate, you promote TravelBook.ph on your website and convert traffic to hotel bookings with the use of the various promotional tools we provide. In return, you will earn up to 65% commission for each successful customer stay you refer. Anybody can apply for the Affiliate Program as long as you have a website. Each application will be reviewed, but once approved, you can start right away! Signing up is quick, easy, and absolutely free. If you have more questions about the affiliate program click here.

So if you’re a site owner who loves to blog this is just another way to monetize your site. What are you waiting for? Be one of us! Click here to sign up.